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Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday's Look Book: 2

You guys, Nathan is turning into a little camera man! Yesterday I got out the tripod, and he seriously instructed me how to set it up and where to put it on the floor. Then he gestured toward my camera and let me know I should put the lens cap back on the table! And then he ran over to the wall. I don't know if this is good or bad. Still up for debate.

Anyway, here are my outfits for the week! (I forgot one of the days. Maybe Wednesday? Who can tell.) And I've decided I'll always include a funny story from the week at the bottom. Because, why not?

Nathan's outfit: Baby Gap  My shirt: Roolee  Pants: Nordstrom
Sweater and Pants: Nordstrom
This was Sunday, and you better believe I changed out of my dress WAY too fast to allow for picture taking. Pajamas it is!
Nathan's Outfit: Baby Gap   My Outfit: Gap
Nathan: Guess where?   My hat: Alex's USU Engineering hat  Hoodie: Jack Wills  (I got it in England)  Leggings: Coco & Main
Nathan directed me to do this pose.
Beanie: Roolee  Sweatshirt: Gap  Pants: Nordstrom
Scarf: gift... maybe Hope Ave.?  Sweater: J. Crew  Leggings: Nordstrom  Socks: Costco

So in church I have a calling (if you aren't familiar, that's where the leadership of our church asks us to please volunteer in a certain capacity), and that calling is Activity Days. Twice a month I hang out with 8-11 year old girls and do activities! I have a few wonderful helpers, but this time it was my turn to plan the activity. The night before I had a nightmare that I didn't have anything prepared (I didn't. I'm a procrastinator. But I had a plan in my brain!) So in the afternoon I bundled Nathan up (it was a snow storm) and took him to Target to grab the materials I needed. We braved the snow, got into the store, grabbed all the stuff, accidentally also grabbed some e.l.f. brushes ($2!) and headed to the checkout. Once at the self-checkout it dawned on me that I did not have my wallet.

I searched and searched my bag hoping that $20 would suddenly appear in a pocket! (It did not!) And finally I admitted defeat and tried to cancel my order. I waited for 5 minutes until a nice guy named Austin showed up and helpfully offered to put my bag of items in a waiting area while I went to get my money.

So, Nathan and I ran out into the cold, jumped in the car, and then drove home to get the wallet. Once the wallet was in my possession it was time to repeat the process of going back to the store. Luckily Austin was still right where I left him ("They gave me a cart of miscellaneous items and said I had to find where they went!" he said, with a tone of exasperation.) I paid for the stuff, went home, and let Nathan run in the snow for a bit until he face planted one too many times.

 Tell me a funny story from your week!

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