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Friday, January 27, 2017

Ten Facts About Me #Bloggersgetsocial

this is basically what my house, myself, and my baby look like on a daily basis. It is what it is!

I was tagged on Instagram by @freckledhan a.k.a. the cute voice behind Merry Happy Blog to share 10 things about me for #BloggersGetSocial! I love when people participate in these things because I love to get to know people. And with these random 10 lists, I feel like we find ways to connect we never would have realized otherwise! So, here goes nothing:

1. Growing up I was terrified of big rides at amusement parks. We lived close to Lagoon (in Utah) growing up, and any time I went with friends I would just tell them that big rides made me sick. I literally walked off of the pirate ship ride before it started because I was about to have a panic attack. Anyway, when I graduated high school, suddenly I wasn't afraid of anything anymore! If you had invited me to go sky diving I would have in a heartbeat. I rode all the roller coasters, and loved them all. Now, all of a sudden I'm turning back into my younger self and getting nervous about the big rides again! What the heck??

2. I have the palate of a 10 year old child. I literally would choose chicken strips, grilled cheese sandwich, or a hamburger at any restaurant. I also hate any homemade macaroni and cheese, and can only stomach Kraft. I'm working on it....

3. I got my husband kicked out of Honors English in high school. We went to the same high school and graduated the same year, but never met each other even though we had many mutual friends! How did I get him kicked out of English then, you ask? And how did we end up married?? You can read about it here in our Love Story. It might seem long, but I promise you've never heard a story like it!

4. I dance like a toddler. No but really. I watch Nathan dance and I think he's got great moves! I am literally the most uncoordinated dancer out there, and it is embarrassing. However, when I was teaching fourth grade, I was asked to be in the contest "Dancing with the Teacher Stars". I was taking Zumba classes at the time, so my coordination was actually a lot better, but my grace was severely lacking. You can watch the video and read more about it here on my old blog. Good times!

5. Speaking of, I was a fourth grade teacher! Those of you who have read my blog for many years know that I taught fourth grade for three years. It was extremely wonderful and exhausting, and every now and then I miss it terribly. I get asked all the time if I'll go back, and the answer is just maybe! I still get to teach every day, only now my student is a one year old. The pay is still terrible, but the class size is infinitely more manageable. ;)

6. I had a panic attack while snorkeling in Hawaii. I am maybe one of the least anxious people you will ever meet unless faced with these things: Crazy drivers and not being able to touch or see the ground while in water. I thought I could get over the water thing while snorkeling in Hawaii because, HELLO it's Hawaii, but the minute I jumped into that pure blue warm inviting water, I couldn't breathe. But don't worry, I got back on the boat, grabbed a floaty noodle, and got back in the water. Because HELLO, it's Hawaii. And after that I swam with sea turtles and I would totally do it again! (With the floaty noodle from the very start, please.)

7. I sing a little. I definitely don't have a show stopping voice, but I can carry a tune and do some harmonies, and I love singing! If you ever catch me singing in public, you can rest assured it's most likely with my sisters. Otherwise I'm usually too shy ;)

8. I have been blogging for about 7 years! I first started my blog in Logan, Utah when I was a sophomore at college. A few of my friends had started blogs and I loved reading about their lives, so I thought I'd start one of my own too. The first couple years were a little angsty, riddled with boy troubles. But I like to think 2011/2012 was the peak of my creative blogging. It's turned more day to day journal-ish now, but I loved those early days of blogging where everyone just wrote whatever was in their hearts!

9. I own probably 10 white t-shirts. I wear most of them to bed or during the day with leggings. Finding the perfect white t-shirt has long been a quest of mine, and right now I am OBSESSED with my white T from Madewell. Hangs just right, perfect shade of white, and a V-neck. I would buy 5 more of these if I wasn't acutely aware of how much money is in our bank account at all times.

10. I get secondhand embarrassment all. the. time. What is secondhand embarrassment, you ask? Well, it's when something embarrassing happens to someone else, or someone else makes a dumb mistake, or someone else is completely confused about life, and you just feel completely and utterly embarrassed for them. Guys. It is real. I even feel it for characters in movies! I feel like I could just curl up in a ball of embarrassment for them. And what's even weirder about this is that I am not easily embarrassed at all by my own mishaps!

So there you have it! Can you relate to any of these? Anything surprise you?
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