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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Snow Day!

The minute it started snowing on Christmas Eve, Alex was adamant that he would be taking Nathan sledding ASAP. My parents are in the process of moving, so our sleds are in storage, but Alex was willing to buy one! On Monday morning he headed off to Walmart, only to find that every sled had been sold. The same story was at Target, except for a few tiny toddler sleds, which he decided to just purchase.

We bundled Nathan up in his snow suit (what is it about babies in snow suits that is just SO CUTE?!) and got him in that little sled. Alex pulled him around my parents yard and down the slopes to our backyard, and Nathan loved every minute!! He cried and cried when Alex brought him inside, so Alex decided to go next door and ask to borrow a sled so he could have some fun too. After a bigger sled was procured, we drove over to the overpass near my parents house and took Nathan down some bigger (but not too big!) hills. He wasn't as big a fan of those hills, but he still had a lot of fun!

My mom and I waited in the car and watched them, and I took pictures of the whole thing with my new camera lens! When we got to the overpass I realized I should have put my other lens back on, because my new lens doesn't zoom in, but oh well! The pictures are still cute. So without further ado:

Alex collapsed. It's hard work carrying the baby up that hill!
My dad, sporting his Green Bay pride watching the boys come back in for the day.
The next day we all went sledding together, and since I was a part of it, I didn't take any pictures, but it was way fun!! Snow is definitely more fun if you brave the cold and just jump right in ha ha.

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