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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Tickets to the Happiest Place on Earth: a series

Every now and then I'm going to share some things that make where I am my happiest place on earth, and I'm going to call them "tickets" to keep with the theme... you get it, right? To me, being happy starts with being grateful, even for the smallest things. I notice that often the smallest things make the biggest difference in the atmosphere of your home especially, so I try to make the little details count! Here are my tickets to the Happiest Place on Earth lately:

James Taylor's greatest hits, if you're wondering.

Please forgive me the slightly blurry pictures. We can put photography under the category "things I'm learning". 

1. Simple decorations, and above all, a delicious scented candle. I got that one in the Target dollar section a.k.a the black hole you come out of with a lot more than you brought in with you.

2. My record player is always a source of joy to me! I love the clicks and pops that give the music a vintage feel, and I don't even mind flipping over the record when it's time! (Although my Mat Kearney record only has three songs on each side and I feel like that's a bit excessive...) Music is a huge thing in our house. Nathan loves dancing to any and all music, and it's so fun to watch! He's got better rhythm than me by a mile.

3. My favorite corner of the living room is on that couch, with those pillows. And while I love my letter folk board to death, I have the hardest time coming up with things to write on it... How people are witty with their boards constantly on IG is beyond me. If you have any fun quotes for me to put in rotation, leave them in a comment!

4. Finally, the fact that we have baby toys everywhere - and this one in particular! Nathan has recently re-discovered it and runs it around the house constantly. He loves to play this game where he chases me and Alex with it, and when we jump out of the way at the last second he laughs and laughs.

These are my tickets lately, what are yours?
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