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Monday, November 14, 2016

The Point of the Blog

Happy Monday everyone!

So, I've been thinking a lot about my social media state of affairs lately, and I just wanted to share on the blog, so it's not all in my head bouncing around going nowhere... you know what I mean? Indiana isn't really the Blogging hub that Utah is, so I feel kind of off on my own figuring it out now ha ha.

Anyway, I've been blogging for YEARS. Like, since 2010. I started the blog as a creative outlet, and if you go back to those first days you'll see a lot of #vagueblogging and musings on the world haha. I was dating, working through my college degree, and just figuring out life! Then I got married, and the blog shifted to more of the whole "life update" kind of thing, and then we moved to Indiana and I switched to CaseyLand, with the idea that I was going to share how I make my life beautiful, but I feel like I've stayed mostly in the "life update" mode? Which will be fun to look back at, but it's not exactly making waves with anyone ha ha. Not that I need to change the world with my blog! But I just have this desire to spend my time doing things that make a difference in some way, and make people happier.

I kind of blogged about this last week, and I feel like a lot of people really understood where I was coming from! It is just hard to find a balance between creative outlets/hobbies/making yourself happy, and doing the most important work which is, for me, taking care of my baby and husband and growing spiritually. The thing is, those things are the most important, but I think growing mentally and physically are right up there! Physically I need to get my butt in gear, but this blog is more of a mental thing.

My cute friend Phoebe recommended this book to me called Big Magic, and I've been reading it and felt that it's applied to me SO MUCH. I have been so overburdened by fear - fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of disappointing people, fear of ridicule, etc. that I haven't been doing things that truly make me happy or give me mental fuel! Especially with blogging and social media, I feel this drive to share things that connect with people, but I always get worried that someone will think I'm weird, or I'm being annoying, or whatever, and then I see other amazing women doing what I want to do and they are so GOOD at it, that why should I even try?

But like Liz Gilbert says in Big Magic, no one has done it the way I will do it! So, without further ado, this is what my blog will focus on (I will write it here so I have to hold myself to it haha):

1. Family updates/funny stories
2. Ways I'm actively making my home/Indiana my happiest place on Earth
3. More vulnerable/personal anecdotes on motherhood/wifehood/humanhood
4. Sharing new things I'm actively learning about
5. Things/fashion/books/activities that I really love.

I'm throwing this to the Universe: From here and to infinity, I promise to be honest, vulnerable, exciting, and passionate about what I share on the Internet. I will spread joy!

Is there anything you are especially wanting to hear from me in this space? Let me know!

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