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Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving at Turkey Run

A couple weeks before Thanksgiving, I was wondering what in the world we were going to do! Last year for Thanksgiving we made our own beautiful delicious meal for just the two of us, since Nathan was only two months old. It took all day to cook and 30 minutes to eat. You know, typical Thanksgiving ha ha. It was fun, but I wanted to make this year even more fun! It seems like most of our friends out here have family close enough they could drive to, so a Friendsgiving wasn't really going to happen. At a baby shower for one of my friends, her mom was talking about going to Chicago one year when they didn't have Thanksgiving plans, and I thought that sounded really fun! I talked to Alex about it, and he wasn't super into the idea of driving up there - which is somewhat understandable. Instead, he pitched his own idea asking, "do you think they serve Turkey at Turkey Run?" Turkey Run is a state park that we visited this past summer that has a cute lodge and some cabins you can stay at, and after a quick Google search I found that they do indeed serve Turkey on Thanksgiving at Turkey Run! We booked the last room available and got excited.

It was really fun to be there doing something new! There were mostly older people there, and Nathan wanted to touch the fire in the fireplace or dump puzzles out on the floor, so we spent most of the time chasing him around ha ha. I think next year it would be easier to explain to him why we don't touch fire... We also spent time lounging around watching movies and eating snacks. Down in the basement of the lodge was like a full on arcade room, so we let Nathan run around in there too!

The actual day of Thanksgiving we realized we needed a reservation to get into their dinner, and luckily they squeezed us in. It was a big buffet! The food was pretty good, but the pie selection was just not big enough for me! I always eat the smallest amount of turkey and potatoes and stuff and then really load up on the pie ha ha. Nathan disapproved of the whole dinner and spent most of the time smearing food into the table cloth... Sorry Turkey Run employees.

Speaking of Nathan, he also refused to sleep the two nights we were there. Yay! #grateful #blessed #sleepdeprived

Anyway, it was a fun trip because it was just the three of us on an adventure, and Turkey Run is a beautiful state park! But we both think we probably wouldn't do it again for Thanksgiving. Just not quite our style! Can't wait for what adventure we dream up for next year...!

Here's a bunch of pictures from a hike we took on Thanksgiving - I use the word "hike" liberally here, this is Indiana after all.

How did you spend your Thanksgiving?

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