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Monday, November 7, 2016

Mommy Style Monday: Fall Favorites

Mommy Style Monday is a blog series my friend Kiana and I created, so that we could share our style with each other and moms like us! Style is an all encompassing word. It can mean a lot more than just what you're wearing, and everyone has their own unique style in every aspect of their lives.  Our hope is to share our "mommy style" with others, to inspire and have fun! I feel like as a mom (especially a stay at home mom like myself) it's really easy to get in a rut. I love seeing other people's take on motherhood, and I love it even more when I know it's something I can easily implement into my routine. It's totally possible to feel like a million bucks without spending a million bucks. Being a mom isn't always glamorous, but we can help each other out by sharing what we do to make it beautiful, with as little effort as possible ;). Every first and third Monday of the month we will have a Mommy Style Monday post sharing different inspiration for fashion, makeup routines, diaper bag organization, nursery decor, favorite baby books and toys, date night ideas, etc. We are all here to help each other out!

If you would like to be a part of the next Mommy Style Monday, fill out the form here. We would be thrilled to have you! If you know of a cute mama who has style to share, let her know about this link up!

When we introduced this topic, and I was brainstorming what I really like to do in the fall, I realized that mostly, I just love to enjoy the weather and the scenery! I love watching the leaves change color and feeling the air get a little crisper every day. One of the things I truly love about Indiana is their seasons, because each season gets its fair share! Fall and Spring go on for months, just like their supposed to! (hint hint Utah)

Summer is fun for a lot of reasons, but spending time on walks and enjoying the outdoors during the day isn't one of them in my opinion. It's just too hot! So I love when it starts cooling down and you can spend time outside without feeling like you're going to melt or dehydrate at any second. 

Anyway, moving on from my weather monologue.

This fall season I've been going to the park a lot with Nathan, as well as going on walks. It's even more fun lately because Nathan is really good at walking, so he is more confident doing his own thing. Sometimes his own thing includes running down the middle of the street! Tell me, when do kids start understanding sidewalks? Don't worry, I'm always right next to him. The other day I was raking the leaves with him while Alex mowed the lawn, and Nathan was being so good, just staying in the yard and having fun. Of course it had to end when he decided to take the road for a spin. Just as he dove out into the road (with me right behind him) our neighbor came out to meet us for the first time!! Yes, so embarrassing. When we moved here I was 9 months pregnant, we had a baby a few weeks after and... meeting our neighbors got pushed to the back burner. Good news, he was nice!! 

Anyway, this ended up being more of a conversational post than like a "fall must have" post, but really, whatever.  All you need is a grateful heart and a good attitude to make the most of any season!

The good news is, it's still fall for a while! Yesterday I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and listened to Christmas music, because after having an internal battle about whether or not it was "too early" I realized that I was all by myself in the kitchen making cookies, and if I wanted to listen to Christmas music why the heck shouldn't I? Do things that make you happy, guys.

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Have a great week!
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