CaseyLand: Paying our Fall Dues at Exploration Acres!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Paying our Fall Dues at Exploration Acres!

This past weekend we went over to a place called Exploration Acres with some friends! They have a huge corn maze, tons of things for the kids to do, hay rides, all the fun fall activities. One thing about Indiana is I just feel like there aren't as many things to do here as there are in Utah? But I think there probably are plenty of things to do, I just don't know about them ha ha. I'm working on it! About a month ago, I was looking up apple orchards, because I wanted some local apple cider. Here's a tip for you Utahns - the best apple cider in the world is in Logan, Utah from Zollinger's. You will not regret buying a gallon. Or two. Or three... Anyway, I have been on the hunt for something that compares here, and I have found nothing. :( So if any of my Indiana friends are reading this and know of some mouth watering local apple cider, please let me know!!

Sorry, that was a tangent... Anyway, I was looking for apple orchards, and not finding anything on Google that looked close. So then I was like, what about pumpkin patches? So I googled that, and Exploration Acres came up! The description alone sold me, so I ran into the office where Alex was working, and I said, "Alex! I found this place, and we have to go there! It's called Exploration Acres and it has a pumpkin patch and corn maze and hay rides and tons of stuff for kids to do!" And he looked at me a little deflated and said, "I was planning on surprising you with a trip there in a couple weeks." Ha ha! Anyway, we just barely got there this past weekend finally.

It was such a fun place! I really liked it, and I would totally go back in a heartbeat. We wandered through the maze, picked out some pumpkins, and then we let Nathan play in the pile of hay and the sandbox and ride in the pumpkin wagon! He had a lot of fun waving to the people in the hayrides going by, and it was adorable. I love fun family friendly places like this, and I can't wait to explore Indiana a little more and find the perfect apple cider ;)

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