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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Mommy Style Monday: Accessories!

Mommy Style Monday is a blog series my friend Kiana and I created, so that we could share our style with each other and moms like us! Style is an all encompassing word. It can mean a lot more than just what you're wearing, and everyone has their own unique style in every aspect of their lives.  Our hope is to share our "mommy style" with others, to inspire and have fun! I feel like as a mom (especially a stay at home mom like myself) it's really easy to get in a rut. I love seeing other people's take on motherhood, and I love it even more when I know it's something I can easily implement into my routine. It's totally possible to feel like a million bucks without spending a million bucks. Being a mom isn't always glamorous, but we can help each other out by sharing what we do to make it beautiful, with as little effort as possible ;). Every first and third Monday of the month we will have a Mommy Style Monday post sharing different inspiration for fashion, makeup routines, diaper bag organization, nursery decor, favorite baby books and toys, date night ideas, etc. We are all here to help each other out!

If you would like to be a part of the next Mommy Style Monday, fill out the form here. We would be thrilled to have you! If you know of a cute mama who has style to share, let her know about this link up!

Oh hi, it's me. Yes, I'm aware that it's Tuesday. 

This past weekend was spent on a pretty last minute trip to Utah to see my sister get married, and I dropped the ball on Mommy Style Monday. But what kind of MSM founder would I be if I just didn't post at all?? So here we are, on Tuesday, talking about Mommy Style, and I hope you'll all forgive me. 

This week we're talking accessories, which to be honest, I don't have a lot to say about. I have never been much of an accessory person. I wear my wedding ring, and another ring I got at the beach a couple years ago every day. I just don't take them off! I have a whole cute stand thing filled with necklaces that haven't touched my neck in a year or so, thanks to Nathan partly, but also because I'm lazy. I have a cute necklace with my family's initials on it that I used to wear every day, but then Nathan liked to pull on it while nursing and it would stress me out because it's kind of delicate. I feel like bracelets make my arms look weird. (It's a personal problem.) Do shoes count as accessories? I like those. I only use one purse, because I can't be bothered to switch everything over to another bag just so it will match my outfit. Yes, I'm one of THOSE people. Maybe if I even knew how to do my hair I would use hair accessories. Oh and also, I don't have pierced ears.

So.... my mommy style as far as accessories go is minimal at most. I guess I probably could have skipped this post ha ha, but it's the principle of the matter ;).

So, tell an accessory challenged mama, how do I get in the habit?? Do you like accessories? Or are you more like me?

^^ Some pictures from the wedding this weekend!^^

If you love my dress as much as I do, head over to Penelope and Olive  and use the coupon code MADELINE for 20% off your purchase! They have the cutest boutique styles for already really good prices, so I would highly recommend it :)

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