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Monday, October 3, 2016

Baby v. Smash Cake

"In this corner standing at 2 feet 5.5 inches tall we have the blue eyed bottomless bellied eating machine, baby boy Nathan! And over here we  have the dessert spawned from the depths of pinterest, raised without love, knowing nothing but the beat of the whip and the heat of the oven, sent off to the world in the burden of sprinkles, we have the birthday cake!" - Alex Casey

I made Nathan's Smash Cake, and in the words of the judges from The Great British Baking Show, "It is a good bake, but the flavors are lacking."

Truly unimpressed with how the recipe tasted, I tried to make it as cute as possible (for someone who has never made a fancy cake before) and hoped that for five minutes my baby would take on a completely different personality and enjoy ripping into a sugary mess. He took one look at it and then got up and walked away. He came back eventually, ripped out the Happy Birthday sign, and used the sticks to mess up the frosting and wipe it in his hair. He stuck his fingers in his mouth twice, and seemed completely disappointed both times. 
That's my Nathan for you! 
It was worth a shot, anyway. :)
Nathan: 0, Cake: 1
Mom: happy enough

And here are some very professional photos with a gorgeous backdrop that will for sure go pinterest viral:

(I messed up the back of the cake to try to show him how it was done. He looked at me like I had lizards crawling out of my ears.)

 photo CASEY-SIG_zpsvtleemti.png

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