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Monday, October 17, 2016

A Fall Wedding

Hi everyone! Are you there? Is anyone out there!?

The motivation for blogging has been running thin over here. I plan to write more about that in a couple days (ha! we'll see) but today I thought I'd share a little bit from last weekend when I was in Utah for my sister's wedding!

Nathan is really into kitchen utensils lately - specifically spatulas. So yes, all the wedding pictures include a spatula, and no one is mad about it because it's adorable.

The wedding was kind of a last minute idea - apparently being young and in love makes you want to jump in quick! So I wasn't sure if I'd be able to go or not, but we worked it out, and even Alex got to come!! Traveling with Nathan is always easier than I expect, but it's double easier when Alex comes and helps me entertain him.

Our luck was good, because we got a row of three seats all to ourselves on the way there, which made the trip even easier! I guess it was meant to be.

This was a fun trip, because we got to stay at my grandma's house. My grandma's house is basically my dream house. Tons of land, a huge garden, creek running through the property, playground, and an orchard in the back! The house is so full of memories for me, it was really nostalgic to stay there. Nathan even got to sleep in the "baby room". I wish I would have taken a picture of him in there. I never thought my own baby would stay there way back when I was having sleepovers at my grandmas!

On Friday after we got there, we spent time with everyone getting things ready for the backdrop, eating good food, and catching up. Then on Saturday we woke up and got everything together for the wedding! The only thing we forgot was Nathan's cute outfit which was at my parent's house, so the whole wedding was held up for 15 minutes while we waited for my aunt to bring the clothes so we could get Nathan dressed... hey, anything for the pictures, right? haha

The above pictures were taken Saturday morning while we set up the backdrop for the wedding. I thought it turned out pretty, but I wish we would have had more flower strands! Funny story: Before doing this I told Alex to change out of his nice clothes to set things up, and he wouldn't listen to me. So he was hanging the strands on the ladder, and when he finished, he jumped off and ripped his pants!! I was so mad, because why couldn't he just listen to me??! Ha ha. He admitted I was right, and luckily my grandma has some seamstress skills and fixed them right up. It's also important to note that this is the third time he ripped these particular pants, and they are EXTREMELY nice because they are from his wedding suit. Listen to your wives, men.

The ceremony was nice, but the macaroons were nicer ;) In fact, I have to say, the macaroons were incredible. See that girl setting them up? She's 15, and she made them. I could have eaten them all, probably.

The rest of the trip was spent with family, just enjoying each other's company.  Nathan was completely smitten by my sister Abi, which was so cute! Any time she was around, he had to be with her. I love seeing my family interact with Nathan, and mostly I just love being around people who want to spend hours talking about how cute he is, just like I do. ;) On Monday we flew back to Indiana - we didn't get three seats in a row, but Nathan did sleep for half the flight, so you win some you lose some. It wasn't such a hard goodbye this time because my family is coming out here to visit in a couple weeks!

I'm excited for Olivia to start her new life with Brenden. She's moving to California to be with him as I type this which is pretty crazy! Good luck, newlyweds!

And that is that.

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