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Monday, September 5, 2016

You can thank me later...

Happy Labor Day everyone! Labor Day for us is just another day... Alex has these really big qualifying exams coming up and needs to be studying every minute, so we're not doing anything special! How are you guys spending the day?

In order to make the day a little more exciting for us all, I have something great to share with you! Let's just cut to the chase. It's my new favorite bedding. Cariloha sheets, to be exact. Before you roll your eyes and click away, just listen for a sec. These sheets are AMAZING. I never thought I would care this much about bed sheets, but after trying these I'm ruined. They are silky soft, and made of this awesome bamboo material that is temperature regulating! When you are cold, the sheets are warm, when you are hot, the sheets are cool. Like, that's a thing. I never want to put my old sheets back on my bed!

And guess what?! Happy Labor Day to you!!! I'm giving TWO SETS of sheets (valued at $239 each!) on my instagram! Check it out @madelinecasey_.  Basically I wish I could win my own giveaway so I could have more than one set of these babies.

Here's a question for you though, do you guys sleep with the top sheet on or off? My husband hates the top sheet, and I love it. I tried to get him to commit to sleeping with the top sheet on with these new sheets for at least a week, and he couldn't do it for more than a day. Old habits die hard I guess. I tell him every problem in our marriage would be solved if he would just sleep under that dang top sheet ;)

If you're wondering how it's possible to look so NATURAL while posing with bed sheets, I'll tell you: It's not.

Baby props for the win ;)
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