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Friday, September 30, 2016

A One Year Celebration!

Last Friday, we hosted a One Year Celebration at a park nearby. We celebrated Nathan turning one, living in Indiana for a year, and making it through the first year of Alex's PhD! We invited some of our good friends who work with Alex at his lab, as well as friends we've made at church. It was a great group of people, and I'm really quite fond of every single one of them! But let's go back to the beginning, shall we?

Months before Nathan turned one year, I became aware of just how much effort people put into their children's first birthday parties. I was coming across a lot of pinterest worthy pictures of events that looked quite similar to wedding receptions, or at least a well planned bridal or baby shower, and I searched within myself to see if that was something I should do. I realized that deep inside, I just really didn't care. At all.

I know. I'm like, the WORST.

It's just that Nathan doesn't care, so why should I? You know? I definitely wanted to do a party, but I didn't think it needed to be super extravagant. So if that's what you came here for, you better head to someone else's blog. We decided to make it a combined party to celebrate surviving a year of firsts in our little family. (A small part of me acknowledges that if I had gone all out on this party, I would have made it Survivor themed, and it would have gone down in history. Too bad I'm lazy, huh? Maybe that can be Alex's graduation party.)

So Alex and I decided to host a BBQ, and got the plan in motion. A couple days before, I bought all the food. The day of, we prepped everything, and I baked Nathan's smash cake. I got a bigger cake from Sam's club to share with everyone. Funny story about that cake: I was getting it out of the car, and the lid popped off (as they do) and some of the frosting got ruined, so I was like, whoops! So I set it down to put the lid back on, and the watermelon rolled into the side of the cake and ruined more frosting. So then I was like, double whoops! (Trying not to care, it's just frosting...) So I placed the cake on the tray on the ground, preparing to put the lid on while it was out of the car when suddenly the watermelon was rolling out of the car and heading STRAIGHT FOR THE CAKE. And guess what? I caught it. I prevented disaster.

Anyway, everything was ready to go. We were going to bring our own grill over to the park, because Alex didn't want to deal with the coals, and I think he wanted to look pretty professional. We decided to take the few decorations and most of the food over to the park, Nathan and I would play at the park for a while, and Alex would go back to the house to load up the grill and some more perishable items of food and then come back. We loaded up the car, feeling great because we were right on time! We were going to meet our friend at the park who would go help Alex with the grill. The only thing not going our way was that Nathan's afternoon nap had only been 15 minutes long so he was not going to last long.

On our way to the park, we got rear ended. Everyone was slowing to a stop, because there was a STOP LIGHT and it was RUSH HOUR, and what do you know, some whack job behind us paid literally no attention and braked at 50mph pretty much 10 feet away from our car. (Our car that we just bought in July, you might remember). I was just texting our friend to tell him we were 5 minutes away, and when the guy hit us the phone flew out of my hand, into my bottom lip, and down to the ground. Besides that, no one was injured. The back of our car was pretty messed up, especially underneath, because our trailer hitch basically absorbed his Ford Escort and dragged the car underneath our Pilot. So, we pull off to the side of the road, and this guy's car couldn't be driven anymore, so he was trying to push it off to the side too. Alex gets out of the car, and the guy is pushing his car and yelling, "Don't call the police!! I don't have my license!!" Alex called the police. Turns out he didn't have his license because it got revoked for driving without insurance the last time he was in a wreck. So you guessed it, he didn't have insurance or a license this time. Our insurance will take care of everything, luckily. Anyway, he was yelling at Alex and pushing his car and he pushed it too much and couldn't get it to stop, so it rolled down a hill and hit an office building. The moral of the story is, there is always someone having a worse day than you.

So! Our friend who was waiting at the park came and picked up me and Nathan, and took us over to the park so I could get set up. We started a little later than we originally planned, so we had some hangry children waiting around, but what can you do! The hamburgers turned out great, I picked out a delicious watermelon, and nobody mentioned the messed up frosting on the cake. I even bought a banner from the dollar section of Target to make things look festive. So, congratulations to us for surviving one year! Here are some totally pinterest worthy pictures:

Poor tired little man, covered in watermelon juice, keeping it together because of his binky...

Pretending he wasn't stressed about making all the food after a car accident.

Nathan's best friend is a cute girl named Brynlee who is 18 months older than him. It's a match made in heaven.

I would tell you how Nathan really felt about his smash cake, but I feel like the last picture says so much. He was ready to go home and go to bed.

But don't worry, I made him try again a few days later... that will be my next post :)

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