CaseyLand: 12 Months

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

12 Months

I'm going to go right ahead and be that cliche mother who says, "I can't believe it! My baby is one. Where has the time gone?" It seriously goes so fast guys. It's a cliche because it's true!

At one year old, Nathan is busy busy busy. The minute he wakes up in the morning he's ready to go. I get him out of his crib, and after a quick kiss and hug he wants to be set right down on the floor so he can get to exploring! Speaking of which, we have a walker! He took his first few wobbly steps on his 11 month birthday,  and in the past couple weeks he has become extremely confident! He's very attached to his daddy, and that makes it hard in the mornings if Alex doesn't go to work early. Nathan will cry and cry when he sees Alex leave. It's heart breaking and also so cute! He waves and says "Hi". If you ask him a question he always answers "yeah" unless he really wants to say no, and then he just shakes his head somberly at you. He recently learned to say ball, and calls any round object a "Ba! Ba!" He also says Mama, and it seems more intentional now. I catch him trying to copy my sounds and words a lot more lately, so I'm constantly telling him what things are called. He recently started bringing me books, and helping me turn the pages to read. He has developed a love for pulling things behind him. He had this old long necklace of mine and was dragging it around and around the room, and just loved watching it trail behind him! And then today he found this rocket of Alex's that was still in the package, and he spent like half an hour pushing it around the room like a vacuum. He loves being outside, and if it's windy he'll wave his arms in the air. Any time music comes on he's wiggling and waving and dancing around and it's just the cutest. He loves being tickled and will do this thing where he gets up on the couch (by himself!) and just lays there staring at me, and when he does that it means he wants to be tickled. If he sees water, he must put his hand in it. His favorite toy right now is my car keys. He babbles constantly, so he's a lot of fun to converse with throughout the day. Every time my mom and sister FaceTime us on Sundays Nathan gets really excited and talks their ears off. I love that he recognizes them! Sometimes he just comes over randomly and gives me a big kiss on the lips and it just melts my heart. He refuses to go to sleep unless he's in his own room and his own bed, and every now and then on a long car ride. He's very opinionated, and is not afraid to let you know when he's not ok with something, but 90% of the time he's willing to go with the flow. When he's done eating, he throws his food on the floor. His favorite food is still strawberries, but he recently discovered grapes and seems to feel good about that. His favorite vegetable is carrots. He loves it when Alex chases him at night. He has so much energy! He's very friendly with other kids, and loves to watch them play. It won't be long before he'll be running around doing everything they're doing! He loves me and I love him, and we're all very happy.

I am so grateful we've been lucky enough to have Nathan in our family for a year now. He's such a joy to have around, he makes everyone happier!  It's crazy to think this is where the sticker posts will end. But do not sorrow, I'm sure I'll be updating on Nathan every now and then from now on. I mean, he IS my baby, and this IS my blog.

Thanks for reading!

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