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Friday, August 12, 2016

Happy List: 6

I feel like my face looks weird in this bottom pic... but Nathan's is so cute and happy, so I'm leaving it haha.

It's been far too long since I've done a happy list, and the past couple weeks I've felt in a bit of a funk, so I think now is the time! I think coming off of basically two weeks of vacation surrounded by family, being by myself all day has been an adjustment again. Anyway...

Things making me happy lately:
Nathan taking a few wobbly steps!
Starting random series on Snapchat for my own enjoyment. @madcasey
Warm clean laundry. Especially clean sheets!!!!
Collaborating with fun companies.
Actually making dinner a couple times this week!
The way my tomato plants and cucumber plant are basically fighting for space and taking over the world... lesson learned. We need to cut back next year ha ha.
Dreaming up plans for how to make my house gorgeous.
The promise of rain this weekend.

Who else is extremely happy it's Friday?  What else is making you happy?

Have a good weekend!
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