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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

11 Months

It's hard to believe my baby is 11 months old! Just a few more weeks and he'll have been in my life for a whole year. He looks super grown up to me in these pictures too. He's never been super chubby, I remember the doctor telling me it was like he had the body of a three year old as a baby ha ha. I feel like that's still how he looks. I think he's pretty cute. 

Anyway, here's Nathan at 11 months: At 11 months, Nathan is into EVERYTHING. He is busy busy busy. Once he's awake he does not stop to rest, and when he naps he naps hard! You can see his mind working so quickly all day long, and in the past month he has learned tons of new things! He now waves and says "Hiiiii", claps his hands, and on his 11 month birthday he took his first steps! He also recognizes a ton of things Alex and I say. I can ask him to go find certain toys, and he immediately goes to get them! I'm working on teaching him how to put things back on shelves ha ha, and he knows what I mean when I say "put it back, please!" Any time we ask a question he nods his head and says "yeah". And if he doesn't want to do something he simply shakes his head. He doesn't say no, which I am a huge fan of. If I am texting anyone, he needs to take the phone to send a text too. My family group message is always getting funny autocorrected messages from him! He loves to give hugs and kisses. He's a huge flirt with the ladies anywhere we go, and they eat it up, so I am going to be in big trouble, I'm sure. One of his favorite things to do is when he wakes up from his naps he likes to just play in his crib for the longest time! But he wants me to be sitting in his room watching him. He will play and  play and play, and I'll ask him if he wants to get out and he'll just shake his head at me. When he does want to get out he lifts his arms in the air for me to pick him up! He still loves water more than anything, and will be entertained forever by just putting his hand in a stream of water. His favorite foods are still strawberries and avocados. I'm trying to get him to eat more veggies, but he's skeptical of it. He only wants to eat whatever Alex and I are eating, so baby food is out of the question now. And lately he also only wants to drink out of a big cup like we do, and not a sippy cup! Which is too bad, because he got really awesome at drinking out of a sippy cup ha ha. He's started having a TON of opinions, which gets kind of exhausting sometimes, but I try to let him do what he wants as long as it's not dangerous, unhealthy, or disrespectful! I'm trying to teach him how to say please and thank you, and I feel like he'll catch on :). Any day now he'll be walking around! It's so fun to watch his first wobbly little steps to get whatever he has his eyes on. Every time Alex comes home from work, as soon as Nathan hears the back door open he sits up straight and gets really wide eyes, and when Alex gets in the room he has to pick Nathan up right away or it's just not ok. 

My favorite things about him right now are how big he smiles every single time he sees me, and when he understands what I'm saying. I also really like when he's sleepy and wants to cuddle. 

It's been a fun and exhausting 11 months!  Everyone go say thank you to your moms. I seriously had no idea, and now I can't believe my mom even survived with four of us kids ha ha.

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