CaseyLand: Vacation to Seaside: Pt. 4

Monday, July 11, 2016

Vacation to Seaside: Pt. 4

I think I kind of ran out of picture taking momentum near the end of our trip ha ha... that's how it always goes for me! Right before we left (I don't know which day) we wandered around Seaside popping in and out of the shops. I love little beach towns and their touristy shops and small boutiques! It's so fun for me to look around and see what everyone has to offer. It's also fun to see all the different ice cream places. There are SO many, it's like, why? I guess you just have to pick your favorite. Last year we got some "homemade" ice cream that was heavenly. We usually don't get any because we have like 7 half gallons of Tillamook in our freezer at the condo... But I have a really hard time passing up an ice cream cone on the beach! Anyway, that story took a random turn, because I didn't even get an ice cream cone this year.


Onto the part where I show you pictures of our family riding the carousel together. Nathan didn't care. We acted like we did. It was $2. *shrug*

Ha ha I love how I'm trying to look like, "ISN'T THIS SO MUCH FUN?!" And be all Instagram worthy, and Alex is like, Mr. Serious the whole time. Pinterest family fail.

My two cute boys, and a brother in-law in the background. 

I had to include this last picture for the funny story of this post: Jake forgot to bring a jacket, which was a joke the whole time, because seriously, who forgets a jacket when you're going to OREGON. Anyway, every day we were like, why don't you just buy a jacket? And he never would. So on this day when we were walking around we finally got out of him that he didn't want to pay more than like $15 for a jacket, which is nearly impossible in a tourist town. It was hilarious because soon after he said that I looked over and saw that a store was advertising that they had nothing for more expensive than $14.99! We made Jake go in, and he bought this patriotic hoodie. It was worth every penny, especially since Abi wore it for pretty much the rest of the trip. ;)

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