CaseyLand: Trip to Seaside: Pt. 3

Friday, July 8, 2016

Trip to Seaside: Pt. 3

I am subtitling this post "A Day at the Beach", in case it was unclear where we were I guess.

Discovering sand for the first time! Slightly grumpy because it's time for a nap, but not above exploring a little.

Alex made Jake walk all the way out to the ocean to get water for our sand castle. Luckily Jake is a good sport.

Jake has finally returned. Nathan makes a scrunch face because he has discovered sand toys and might be having fun.

Alex's mustache has come up with a plan for the perfect sand castle. Nathan is being extremely helpful, of course.

Nathan's grandma was nice enough to walk back to our condo and grab Nathan's hat, which Nathan's mom forgot because she's new at this mothering thing.

Great minds at work.

And a little sand on the chin, because what's a beach day for a baby without an attempt (slightly successful) at eating sand?

I miss the beach. Thankfully we have about a million more posts of this vacation to go! Hold on tight! I'm reallyyyyyyy dragging this one out. ;)
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