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Monday, July 18, 2016

Mommy Style Monday: What I Wish I Knew

Mommy Style Monday is a blog series my friend Kiana and I created, so that we could share our style with each other and moms like us! Style is an all encompassing word. It can mean a lot more than just what you're wearing, and everyone has their own unique style in every aspect of their lives.  Our hope is to share our "mommy style" with others, to inspire and have fun! I feel like as a mom (especially a stay at home mom like myself) it's really easy to get in a rut. I love seeing other people's take on motherhood, and I love it even more when I know it's something I can easily implement into my routine. It's totally possible to feel like a million bucks without spending a million bucks. Being a mom isn't always glamorous, but we can help each other out by sharing what we do to make it beautiful, with as little effort as possible ;). Every first and third Monday of the month we will have a Mommy Style Monday post sharing different inspiration for fashion, makeup routines, diaper bag organization, nursery decor, favorite baby books and toys, date night ideas, etc. We are all here to help each other out!

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This week we decided to do more of an introspective post than one geared toward what we're wearing or what's in our diaper bag, etc. I thought it would be a nice change of pace to read what different moms wish they had known about having kids!

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I took the pregnancy test in the morning, before I was going to school to teach for a full day. I laid the test on the counter, and started to get ready for the day, trying to be patient. After a couple minutes, I looked down to read "Pregnant" on the test. The first things I thought were, "Shoot, I don't have time to tell Alex before I go to school" and "There's no going back now!"

I was excited, overwhelmed, anxious, nervous, and joyful all in one fell swoop. I was going to have a baby! I don't know anything about having a baby! I wished I knew what to expect. People were very willing to help me be prepared.

"You won't sleep for a year!"
"Teething will be your worst nightmare."
"Breastfeeding is hard and painful, so good luck with that!"
"You won't be able to go to the bathroom alone for pretty much the rest of your life."
"You'll be doing never-ending laundry."
"The minute your house is clean the baby will mess it up."
"You'll hate your husband."
"Your husband will resent the baby."
"Boys pee all over everything."
"Have fun spending money on and changing diapers!"
"No more nice clothes and jewelry for you!"
"Say good-bye to your social life."
"Your body will never be the same!"

All this summed up to be "Motherhood is miserable."

I wish I knew about the good parts.

The other night Nathan was up every hour because his little mouth was hurting him. I went into his room every hour, fed him, rocked him, got him back to sleep, laid him in his crib and climbed back in my own bed. It always seemed like the minute I fell back asleep he was up again! The night was hard. It was exhausting. It was miserable. In the morning, Alex got the baby up for the day, and when he brought him into my room to see me, I couldn't help but smile. "Look at him!" I thought, "Just look at him! He's the sweetest little thing I've ever seen."  That's the good part.

A few days ago, I was sitting on the floor of the kitchen, watching Nathan wreak havoc with my pots and pans, leaving a trail of baby puffs in his wake. His 10 month old self pulled the biggest pot over to the kitchen cabinets, turned it upside down, and tried to climb on top of it so he could reach the counter. I sat in awe of his problem solving and felt so proud amidst the mess. That's the good part.

When Nathan was a tiny baby, he wouldn't sleep anywhere except on top of me. Straight up refused. I couldn't get anything done because when he was asleep he wanted to be in my arms, and when he was awake he wanted to be in my arms. I watched too much Netflix and wondered where my normal life went. But every time, I'd look down at his eyelashes softly touching his chubby cheeks, his little legs crossed one over the other, his tiny chest rising up and down, and I wouldn't choose to be anywhere else. That's the good part.

His small voice talking to himself in his car seat any time we drive somewhere. The way he bounces up and down with excitement when Alex walks into the room. The joy he gets from tossing his diapers all over his room. Watching him bang two toys together to see what sound they'll make. When he waves his arms in the air because he likes the way the wind feels. His curiosity about every detail inside and out of everything. His love of music and his little booty grooving any time he hears a beat. The way his hair blows straight up in a breeze. His big blue eyes, button nose, and expressive mouth. His chubby toes. When he walks across the room pushing his walker, bumps into the wall, and then turns around with his arm out as if to say, "Please turn me around now!" When he lays his head against my chest and just relaxes. How his favorite past time is to splash in any water available. His complete fearlessness because of his complete faith that I will always keep him safe.

The good parts far outweigh the bad. And that's what I wish I knew.

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