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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

How We Wore It: Summer Workout

It's a new How We Wore It post! I love clothes and fashion, and I love that How We Wore It challenges me to think outside the box. Even though I really love clothes and I have a lot of really cool pieces, I generally wear a t-shirt and jeans most days. For those of you who haven't seen this post before, this is how it works. All of us were given the same “inspiration outfit” and we were asked to create our own take on it. We can be inspired by the colors, the patterns, the pieces, or the textures in the outfit.  So our how we wore it should inspire us to use clothes we already have! Because, I don't know about you, but I don't have the money to go buy what I see on Pinterest, so I have to work with what you have. Here's our inspiration for this month's post:

from Looks for Lovelies

So when I saw this look I was like, "Oh! Workout clothes!" but not in the excited way, more in the "uh oh" kind of way. Because I have a few cute workout pieces, but I also like... never work out. At one point, in January and February (a.k.a. the months everybody is great at working out) I was really consistent at working out every morning! But then I went on vacation and my schedule and Nathan's schedule got all messed up, and here we are now in July with literally no working out happening to speak of. I like to think my arms are somewhat toned despite all this, because Nathan really enjoys it when I bounce him up and down on my lap. It's extremely exhausting. Anyway... all that being said, here is my take on this month's How We Wore It.

Whole Outfit: Nike (old) (it is what it is)
In the interest of being completely "authentic" (anyone else think that word is getting super overused?), I have added some pictures of my day to day "work out". Don't judge guys. I'll get back on the exercise train eventually!

Just doing some baby bounces, which I'm sure are excellent for my triceps.

Taking a break to read a book. Exercise for the mind!

Practicing walking. Perhaps this is more exercise for him than me, but I think it works out my lower back, most likely.

And some baby curls for good measure! 

If you would like to be a part of How We Wore It next month, head to Deidre's blog to sign up!

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