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Friday, July 15, 2016

10 Months

Ok, I am laughing so hard looking at this. Like, why was he making that face? He just kept staring to the side holding his sticker and making this grossed out face. I was like, "Nathan, what's going on? Can you smile for me?" And this face just continued for like 10 more pictures. So, don't know what that's about.

This picture is literally the least concerned his face looked in any of the pictures. I guess being 10 months came as a shock?

And then he came out of his trance and wondered why he had been sitting there so long (45 seconds), when he could be doing other things.

At 10 months, Nathan is my favorite little guy. He's seriously the happiest, silliest, most adventurous baby I've ever met! 
I don't really know what's normal for a 10 month old, because he's my first baby ever, so maybe this is normal, but his new thing is to use whatever he can as a step. Like, he wants me to be sitting next to the couch so he can stand on me and then crawl onto the couch. And the other day, he pulled this big pot over upside down to the kitchen cabinets so he could crawl on top of it and be higher up. And then yesterday he grabbed a package of diapers, set it next to the changing table, and tried to stand on top of that so he could get up there! He has even stood up by himself a few times, which is the craziest thing. It just blows me away that 10 months ago he could do NOTHING. Like, could barely open his eyes, and now he's doing things like this. 
He weighs about 20 pounds of pure muscle (except for those chubby ankles!), he's about 28 inches tall, and he has three teeth at the moment with one on the way! (All four of those teeth have appeared in the past week! It's been rough.) The first thing anyone says when they see him is, "Wow, look at those pretty blue eyes!!" Followed by, "He's a happy little guy, isn't he?" 
He loves following me around the house playing happily by himself, but if I stop to work on something for too long, he clings to my legs and whines at me until I pick him up. When he's annoyed he says, "NA NA NA NA NA NA" in a very angry voice which makes me laugh every time. This morning after he woke up he just wanted to snuggle into my chest, and talk softly to me in his sweet little voice. It about broke my heart. 
He gets so excited to see Alex when he comes home, it's the cutest thing! If Alex comes home and doesn't pick him up right away, Nathan will cry. 
His favorite face to make is his scrunch face, his favorite toy to play with is the yellow half-sphere that goes on top of this tower of half-spheres (I really don't know what to call that) and his yellow hot wheel car that he picked out at the grocery store. Maybe his favorite color is yellow, or maybe those things just fit really well in his small hand. His favorite foods are avocado, strawberries, and these baby cheeto things I got for fun. 
I've taken him to the swimming pool a couple times and it is his favorite activity! We go with our cute friends, and they have a little girl who's about 18 months older than him but they are SO cute together. She holds his hands and leads him around the pool, and it is the sweetest.
Anyway, this is getting long, but as Nathan gets older he just gets more fun and interesting! To me, anyway. And my sister Abi. She'll read this and like it. Hi Abi.
I've got to go! Nathan has torn all the books off the shelves, and left pieces of his PB&J all over the floor (he's not a fan of those, I've found out), so I have quite the mess to clean up!

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