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Friday, June 24, 2016

Snippets of Seaside ft. s.i.s.designs!

those massive muscular legs to the left belong to my brother, just try to focus on the cute baby ;)
his aunt olivia! people always think we're twins, what do you think?

couldn't leave jake's photo bomb out of this post... ;)

It's Friday everyone! I like to celebrate Friday's, so today I'm just popping in to tell you about this cute little shop and a giveaway!! Nicole from S.I.S.Designs makes the cutest handmade baby bows. They are so unique and unlike any other bows I have seen! You can tell she works so hard on every detail. I don't know what it's like to have a baby girl, but I assume I would probably be buying her lots and lots of cute accessories! There are hardly any cute accessories out there for boys. What is this? I swear you go into any baby clothing store and 3/4 of it is for girls. And then 1/2 of the boy stuff is cheesy with soccer balls and dump trucks! Ok, I'm getting off track here...

I was super excited when I saw that S.I.S.Designs was making little baby beanies! I especially fell in love with this mountain one, because my roots are in the mountains. Nathan may be a Hoosier, but you better believe I'm going to let him know how great the landscape in Utah is!  He has a cute little black one with a red dinosaur too, and there's another that has antlers on it that is adorable. I love having cute unique hats to put on Nathan, because like I mentioned, it's hard to find variety in boys clothing! :)

So, here's the most exciting part! Nicole from S.I.S. Designs and I are teaming up for a giveaway! If you win you can choose either a handmade beanie, or a handmade bow! I really think the beanies would look cute on either a boy or a girl, and the bows are just stinking cute. You don't want to miss this. Go check out my Instagram for details!

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