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Monday, June 6, 2016

Mommy Style Monday: Diaper Bag Essentials

It's Mommy Style Monday!

Mommy Style Monday is a blog series my friend Kiana and I created, so that we could share our style with each other and moms like us! Style is an all encompassing word. It can mean a lot more than just what you're wearing, and everyone has their own unique style in every aspect of their lives.  Our hope is to share our "mommy style" with others, to inspire and have fun! I feel like as a mom (especially a stay at home mom like myself) it's really easy to get in a rut. I love seeing other people's take on motherhood, and I love it even more when I know it's something I can easily implement into my routine. It's totally possible to feel like a million bucks without spending a million bucks. Being a mom isn't always glamorous, but we can help each other out by sharing what we do to make it beautiful, with as little effort as possible ;). Every first and third Monday of the month we will have a Mommy Style Monday post sharing different inspiration for fashion, makeup routines, diaper bag organization, nursery decor, favorite baby books and toys, date night ideas, etc. We are all here to help each other out!

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Our Mommy Style today is all about the big one, the main event, the one thing you can't leave the house without even though you probably won't need to use it... drumroll please... the Diaper Bag!! Am I the only person who feels like I rarely actually use my diaper bag when I'm out of the house? It's definitely nice to have for "just in case", and the rare emergency now and then, but I find that I can go a week without even opening it. But hey, it looks great ;) I decided to change things up a little this week and make a little video! I say little because it really is. It's like 10 seconds long, but it's fun! I've never done anything like that before, and I had a lot of fun. I would love to dabble a little more in videos in the future!

1. Fawn Design Bag: I am in love with this diaper bag! It's so easy to clean, inside and out. It has plenty of pockets, and plenty of room on the inside. I feel like sometimes it's my Mary Poppins bag, because I'm amazed at how much I can cram in there, especially when I'm going to the airport! Really, the only problem with it is that I want it in every color, and I'm not made of money. :)

2. Swaddle Blanket: I love the pattern on this one from Little Unicorn, but I have several Aden and Anais blankets as well! I actually can probably count the times I've used them to swaddle Nathan on one hand, but I use them frequently as a nursing cover! I love how breathable the fabric is, so I don't feel like I'm smothering my baby when we need to cover up.

3. A Few Toys: Right now I have a toy car and Sophie the Giraffe. Nathan loves any toy with wheels, and I love that one from Target because it's easy for him to hold on to. One time he carried it all the way through the grocery store without dropping it! Sophie is a classic, and I feel like Nathan may have some teeth coming on soon, so he really likes her a lot lately.

4. Extra Outfit: While some things in my diaper bag may have changed over the months, I am always equipped with an extra outfit (or two!) just in case of messes. And believe me, there have been messes. Usually in public places where it's quite difficult to clean up. Which reminds me, one thing I don't have in my diaper bag, but I would actually recommend is a plastic bag to stick your messes into!

5. Sunscreen and Water: Now that it's hot outside, I feel like these two things are essential. I'm still nursing Nathan, but there are times when I want to make sure he's hydrated but neither of us are ready for a full on nursing session. Enter the sippy! He's no expert at holding that thing, but he gets a few sips of water, and squirts a whole bunch on himself, which I don't mind in this humid heat here in Indiana! I don't really thing sunscreen needs an explanation.  ;)

6. First Aid Kit: Someone gave this to me for my baby shower and it's amazing! I love having some little things just in case we're far from home and Nathan needs some help. Luckily I haven't needed to use it yet, but if I do, I'll be prepared!

7. Things for me: I will always have my wallet, phone, car keys, and something for my lips in any bag I carry. It's just what I do!

And of course, there are the obvious diapers and wipes thrown in there too!

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