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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Indianapolis Zoo!

Since last week was finals week for Alex, we decided to celebrate our anniversary on Saturday! Since moving to Indiana happened right before having a baby, and then we had the baby and Alex was in the middle of school, we haven't got out much. We were so excited to get out and explore where we live, we had a few options we talked about, but in the end we decided to go to the zoo! I haven't been to a real-deal kind of zoo since I was maybe.... ten years old? At least not that I can remember. So I was actually pretty excited. Plus, we were taking Nathan with us, and everything is just more exciting through the eyes of a child! (Even though I'm pretty excitable already anyway...) Turns out, Nathan is a lot like his father and takes most things pretty seriously, but he seemed to enjoy looking at the animals! As usual though, his favorite thing to look at is other children!

I was a little nervous at first because it was supposed to be kind of rainy, but it ended up being the perfect day to go! The zoo wasn't too crowded, and it only sprinkled on us a couple times. Luckily our stroller has a rain cover for Nathan, and I brought my umbrella. (I actually did my hair that day, so I wasn't about to let it get ruined by the rain!!) I love doing things like going to the zoo, because it really does bring out your inner child, and as an adult I feel like I sometimes let myself get bogged down by all the responsibilities on my shoulders. It was nice to just kick back, hang out with Alex, and focus on having fun!

After the zoo we couldn't decide if we should drive to this steak house that has really good reviews and was recommended to me by a friend, or if we should just stay in Indianapolis and grab some Chicago-style pizza. In the end, we decided to do the steak house later (because it's in a cute little town that I also want to explore another day), and grab some pizza! You guys, I have a feeling when we move away from the midwest someday, the Chicago-style deep dish pizza might be what I miss most... It's just incredible. We were super lucky too, because the place we went said it would be an HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES until our pizza was ready (like fools we said ok, even though we have a baby...??), but the family next to us lost their patience and left, and they just happened to have ordered the same thing as us. Our waitress was a great little problem solver and 30-45 minutes after we arrived we had our pizza ready. It was pretty much painless, and Nathan did great!

Anyway, one of the things I was most excited for moving away from everything I know and love was to at least get out and go on some adventures. I'm really excited that it's summer, because we'll have a little bit more time and good weather to do that. I think really getting to know a place is a big part of making it your own happiest place on Earth, so it's my goal to get out a lot this summer!

Here are some more pictures from the zoo, because I just love them all!

 photo CASEY-SIG_zpsvtleemti.png

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