CaseyLand: Happy List: 5

Friday, May 20, 2016

Happy List: 5

My Happy List:
Alex built me a beautiful garden box, and today we will plant!
The way Nathan dances when I sing, but stops when Alex joins in. 
My new mascara that makes my eyelashes look like a million bucks! (you can see me try it on for the first time on snapchat! @madcasey)
Having the guts to ask someone to hang out with me. (it's a problem, guys.)
Having three overripe bananas on my counter - it's bread time!!
Getting a cookie in the mail from the photographer I booked to take our family photos when we go to Oregon in June. It was just a cookie. No note or anything. I don't know what the point of it was, but I'm excited for those photos!
A new toy came in the mail for Nathan this week, a little walker, and he's half loving it half terrified of it.
A box of stinkin' cute baby clothes from my mom arrived on my porch yesterday. 

Here are some outtakes for your viewing pleasure. It's not like I look great all the time, guys. I'm human too.

ok, he looks cute all the time, so not an outtake... but he's just so cute!

Ha! We took these after taking his 8 month pictures and he hadn't destroyed the sticker yet...
I always feel like I look so so weird in kissing on the cheek pictures. It's bad haha.
Have a good weekend, peeps. Love you all.

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