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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Exploring Indiana: Turkey Run

Look how gorgeous this place is! A week or so ago, our friends invited us to go with them to Turkey Run State Park on Memorial Day weekend. As long as the weather stayed beautiful, we were up for it! Now that it's so gorgeous outside, and Alex's schedule is a little less demanding, we're really excited to get out and see what Indiana (and the surrounding states) have to offer. If you have any suggestions of where we should go next, let me know!

Turkey Run was absolutely worth it. Look how green those trees are!! The only regret we had was that we didn't bring our swim suits. We didn't know about the pool, and the opportunities to tube or canoe down the river, and it would have been nice for our babies to be able to get as wet as they wanted haha. I wasn't expecting Nathan to play in the water, and the extra outfit I had was way too warm, so we had to change him into a onesie that was a little too small... looks like it's time to re-pack the extra clothes in my diaper bag! 

Anyway, we had so much fun hiking around and exploring. We didn't even begin to cover all the trails they have to offer, and we're looking forward to getting in the water, so our plan is to go back sooner rather than later! 

Here are what some may refer to as "one too many pictures". I prefer to think of it as "I actually brought my camera, so I'm not going to hold back".

We got a lot of daddy/son pictures this time around and I'm in love with all of them!!

This one has all the heart eyes I have to offer.
 How was your Memorial Day weekend?

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