CaseyLand: Eight Months

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Eight Months

At eight months, Nathan is EVERYWHERE. He started scooting everywhere, then finally got up on his knees, and his preferred way to play is standing up holding on to something! He's even gotten to the point where he thinks it's ok to let go of what he's holding up on and try to stand on his own, which keeps me on high alert! Bumping his head and bum is just part of the routine lately. He's a solid kid at around 19 pounds, his hair sticks up at the top like little feathers, and he's got the friendliest little smile. Watching him learn and explore is my new favorite hobby. I bought him a little walker off Amazon and it's supposed to come TODAY. Basically I'm checking my porch every 10 minutes. This has been my favorite age so far because of how expressive and fun he is. He's got a sweet little personality, and I can't wait to see more. With all the growing and learning he seems less and less like a baby every day, so I still rock him to sleep at night and treasure that little angel face. 

Being a mom is the coolest, guys.
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