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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Spring Walk

It's still pretty chilly here in Indiana, but if the sun is out, we go outside! Nathan loves being outdoors. There is so much to look at and observe. I think he gets sick of hanging out on our couch all day ;)

I have loved watching the seasons change here! Indiana has really similar weather to Utah, with a bit more humidity. The blossoms have been in full force lately and I am obsessed! When we drive places I'm always saying, "Alex! Look at that tree!" He's nice enough to not remind me that pretty much all the trees look the same. Maybe they do, but that doesn't change how beautiful they are!

I took Nathan on a walk the other day, all bundled up in his cute little warm outfit, and we took some pictures with the blossoms, and then I took some pictures of him sitting on the porch. He was too cute, I couldn't resist!

I hope you have a lovely Thursday!

p.s. if you want to catch me on Periscope, it's @madelinecasey_. It's been really fun to chat with so many awesome people there! I would love to talk to you too!

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