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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Big News for the Casey Family!

Most of you know the reason we're in Indiana right now is so that Alex can get his PhD in mechanical engineering. This has been a really exciting adventure for us and we're really learning a lot about how to be on our own, in school, with a new baby! When we made the decision to go to grad school, we really didn't want to go into any debt. Alex is a really hard working person, and he does a great job in school so he was offered a scholarship from Purdue as well as a salary from his advising professor for being a Research Assistant.

One of the big things Alex has done so far was apply for several fellowships. If granted a fellowship, his salary and school would be paid for by whoever granted it, and he would be able to use the money from the professor for extra for his research instead of his own salary. The fellowships are also a bit more money than he is making now, and very prestigious. A fellowship definitely gives you a leg up on the competition outside of school.

The time has come for the announcements of the fellowships, and yesterday we found out that Alex had been awarded one! We are so excited. Blessings like this are just affirmations that we made the right choice coming out here, and that we're being taken care of. I'm so grateful that I have such a hard working husband who always does his best to provide for us. I love knowing that he's doing a good job and is very respected by his peers.

So, congratulations to Alex! He'll never brag about himself, so I'll do it for him. He's freaking awesome :)

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