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Monday, April 18, 2016

Another week, another walk

He took his hat off and threw it to the ground, but at least he had the grace to act like it was an accident!

A couple weeks ago Nathan and I went on walk, and it was pretty chilly outside! I had him all bundled up in his bear suit, and we spent time seeking out the prettiest blossom trees. The blossoms were white back then...

This past Saturday we went on a walk and Nathan was wearing a short sleeved shirt and jeans. I was worried about him overheating! And this time the blossoms were pink!  It's crazy how things can change so much here. I think the weirdest part for me is that back in Utah it seemed like the blossoms were there for about one maaayyyyybe two weeks and then they all disappeared. Here the magnolia blossoms popped up, stayed for a couple weeks, then the white blossoms popped up and stayed for a couple weeks, and now we're on to the cute pink cherry blossoms! Please tell me this will never end. Spring time here is just perfect.

It's funny because when we would go on walks when it was cold, our neighborhood always seemed pretty dismal, to tell the truth. Everything was grey. The trees were skeletal, the houses looked run down, and I saw hardly any signs of human life. This past weekend when we went out, there were children playing everywhere, the grass and trees are green or blossoming, and the little houses look cute and quaint!

It's amazing what a little sunlight will do :)
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