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Friday, April 29, 2016

25 dollars later: Round 1

Hey everyone! I want to start a new series on my blog called 25 Dollars Later, and this is the first time! Here's the idea: Alex and I are living on a pretty tight PhD student budget at the moment. We realized we were really going to have to crack down on our random spending habits if we wanted to retain all of our savings, so a couple weeks ago we went over the money and got it all hammered out. I'd love to go over the specifics of it all in another post, because I know as a person who's just barely getting the hang of this adult stuff, I really appreciate learning how other people budget their money and applying what works for me. Anyway, Alex and I agreed that each month we would have $25 of personal spending money. For Alex that's going to look a lot like grabbing something for lunch at a fast food place, and for me it's probably going to look a lot like clothes, makeup, and books on my Kindle. 

$25 doesn't sound like a whole lot when it comes to the things I like to buy, so I wanted to start this series to prove (mostly to myself) that I can have just as much fun with $25 as I can with $50! 

So, the rules are:
1. Each month I'll have $25.
2. I can spend this money on whatever I choose, or I can save it.
3. Post each month what I used or didn't use it for!

I'm excited, because this will apply one of my tips for saving money... If I don't love it enough to spend any of my budget on it, I don't love it enough to buy it!

1. Dress - I found this dress at my Old Navy for $11.99. It's on sale online for $12.97, which also isn't bad! I love it. It covers my shoulders, it goes to my knees, it's lightweight, comfortable, and *drumroll please* nursing friendly!! In the summer I just want to live in dresses, so this checked off all my boxes and I just couldn't pass it up.

2. Lip Balm - This stuff it just lovely. It has a nice light pink tint, and your lips feel sooooo hydrated when you use it. It even smells lightly of roses, which I personally really like. You can use it on your lips, or even on dry skin, so it's totally worth $6.

3. Scarf - I found this scarf on sale for $5, and it shows online at $9.99. So maybe head to your local H&M and search for it? I was immediately drawn to the pretty floral pattern, and it's really lightweight so it's perfect for warmer spring days. I'm a total scarf person, I have wayyyyy too many, but I couldn't pass this up!

What would you buy with $25? I'd love to know!

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