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Monday, March 7, 2016

Taking Stock

Making: plans for how to make my yard pretty as the weather warms up.
Cooking: Honey Garlic Chicken! Last night. It was yummy.
Drinking: Lots of water, but still not enough. And Bolthouse juice.
Reading: blogs blogs blogs all the day long! I love reading about other people's lives haha.
Wanting: a full night of sleep.
Looking: at the rainy day outside.
Playing: words with friends against my mom and dad.
Wasting: time on social media instead of getting ready for the day.
Sewing: nothing. but dreaming of reupholstering my old couch... any tips? Is it too big a project for someone who stopped sewing in high school?
Wishing: for warmer weather.
Enjoying: watching my baby grow.
Liking: cuddling on the couch watching Netflix on the weekends.
Wondering: when the baby will wake up from his nap.
Loving: my boys.

Hoping: the zipadeezip helps Nathan sleep better! haha
Marveling: that I actually live in Indiana. 
Needing: money for a new car and new windows and cement for a patio and a new fence and blah blah blah... money!! 
Smelling: a volcano candle from Anthropologie.
Wearing: pajamas and my fitbit. 
Following: how about looking to follow? Who should I follow on Periscope?
Noticing: That no one seems to like Trump and yet somehow, people like Trump the best? 
Knowing: everything will always work out.
Thinking: about summer vacations!
Giggling: over when Alex told me he'd "stretch his eyes when he's dead".
Feeling: a bit hungry...

Grainy cell phone pick, but when I tell Nathan to smile for a picture, he always does! You can see more where that came from on our snap chat - yes OUR snap chat ha ha. @ madcasey

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