CaseyLand: Six Months

Friday, March 18, 2016

Six Months

This handsome guy is six months old! It's pretty crazy to think I've had him for that long, but also it doesn't seem long enough? Any moms know what I mean? He seems really grown up right now, but I had to remind myself last night that he's still a very tiny baby. Six months is like, NOTHING in the time of our lives! Babies grow really fast in six months, so it's still a big deal I guess. Speaking of growing, this kid now laughs (but only if we're really super funny, and only the first time because after that the joke gets old), rolls over both ways (but is very selective of when he rolls from his tummy to back, sometimes it's just not worth the effort), sits up on his own (unless there is a toy just out of reach in which case he will fall over to get it), and really enjoys bananas and avocado! 

He thinks his mom is pretty great (just sayin'), but prefers his dad for playtime, because Alex is less exhausted than me and has a bit more stamina...

He's very serious, which I find hilarious, but he's willing to dole out smiles to anyone who asks. He charms the ladies and men alike, and not a day goes by that someone doesn't tell me, "He's soooooooo cute!!" So, we may have a problem once this kid reaches the teenage years ;)

He's my partner in crime, and I love him.

Alright, now here's a picture of him being a little freaked out by the noises and faces his dad was making to get him to smile.

Have a great weekend!
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