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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I Took a Walk

Today the sun was shining, a warm breeze was blowing, and the temperature said 66 degrees so I got Nathan strapped into the stroller and we walked all over our neighborhood. Our neighborhood is kind of cool here, because every block is a new adventure. The houses are completely different one street from the next. I love walking down all the roads and looking at the architecture. It's also funny to see who is really into taking care of their homes and yards and who really doesn't care!

Nathan is a very observant child, so it would seem like walks are really boring to him, but I know he enjoys it! After our walk today we sat on our front porch for a little while just soaking in the good weather. I'm getting so excited for spring and summer! Especially since Nathan is going to be getting more mobile, just in time to play outside. I feel like it's going to be hard to have a mobile child in our tiny house in the winter ;)

My favorite street! Maple Street!

I feel creepy taking pictures of peoples houses, but this one is just too good!


Why aren't we moving, mom?

There's that smile :)

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