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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

How We Wore It: Spring Feelings

I decided to do something new and fun this month by participating in How We Wore It with a bunch of really fun bloggers! I saw several of my favorite blogs doing this in the past months, and really wanted to join in, but I was not blogging very consistently what with being pregnant/moving across the country/having a baby/learning to be a mom and even have time for blogging blah blah blah... but I seem to have figured out my life now ;)

If you haven't seen this around, we take a picture of a look we really like, and then we let it inspire us for our own outfit. When I saw this outfit I just wanted to buy it for myself and call it good but self control is a good thing, and it isn't the point of How We Wore It anyway. Plus, I wanted to make sure that the outfit I chose was something I would really wear right now, and that means it needs to be nursing friendly! Which, if you look at the dress below, it is not :( I have a couple dresses I was immediately inspired to use, but they aren't nursing friendly, so I went with a different look. 

Alright, without further ado: Here is our inspiration picture.
from Mint Arrow
Here is my interpretation! I stuck with the light jacket, paired with a flowy white T, basic black jeans, comfortable converse, and it wouldn't be complete without my diaper bag. 

Jacket: Nordstrom (old) White T: Nordstrom Rack (old) Jeans: Nordstrom (on sale!!) Shoes: Converse Diaper Bag: Fawn Design
Don't you love our random squirrel bird bath thing in our front yard?? Yeah... that's coming out in the summer lolollollolol hahahahaha

If you want to join in on How We Wore It next month, head over to Deidre Emme to sign up! And don't forget to check out how all the other lovely ladies were inspired, you can click on the links here:

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Didn't want Nathan to feel left out so we put him in his high chair where he could see us :)
 photo CASEY-SIG_zpsvtleemti.png

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