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Thursday, March 17, 2016


Last week my sister Abi and her husband Jake came to visit us in Indiana! We were so excited to have them. They came for part of their spring break and part of Alex's (of course they are not the same week... eyeroll). We decided we would go to Chicago on the Friday they were here because it seemed like it would be the best weather. It wasn't bad, really! It was sunny, but definitely chilly. I was fine in my sweater, but I wished I would have brought gloves.


Chicago is so fun! I had never been there before, and I was really looking forward to making a trip since we only live two hours away now. Alex and I were talking about how important it is to make sure we still take some time to do fun trips like this, because school is so stressful for him. It's so good to take a break! I wanted to take pictures of everything, but I refrained and let myself enjoy the moments.

We were total rookies and forgot Nathan's jacket! When we first got there we piled our jackets on top of him and he didn't seem to mind one bit. After seeing The Bean we googled the nearest Baby Gap and walked right over. The day was spent walking everywhere! We started down the Magnificent Mile and just took detours whenever we felt like it. We walked all the way down to Navy Pier, which I think will be a lot more fun in the summer, and then made our way through the whole shopping area! Abi and I visited The American Girl store which fulfilled a lifelong dream of ours. I remember when I was little my parents took a couple trips to Chicago and went there and I was so jealous!  Did I ever tell you guys I have four American Girl dolls and a bitty baby? ahem....

Moving on.

For lunch we visited the famous Shake Shack, which was delicious yes, but maybe not as amazing as I feel like it's hyped up to be? I would definitely go there again, but yeah. Maybe people made too big a deal of it so I was expecting more.

What people do not make a big enough deal out of is LOU MALNATI'S PIZZA!!!! Oh my heavens above. I will never look at pizza the same. Nothing can compare. Other pizza doesn't even sound good anymore. I'm ruined! Guys, it was so good. Get yourself there now. Order it online and have it delivered to your house if you don't live in or near Chicago. Drooling just thinking about it, and I usually don't care about food at all.

It was such a fun trip! We love spending time with Jake and Abi. I didn't know it was going to be so much fun to have my sister married! It really helps that she chose a great guy. I'm so glad we're all friends, and I look forward to the next time! (And when they move to Indiana and live across the street and also attend Purdue ;) )

Ok, enough with the talking. Here's a whole bunch of pictures!

I can't wait to go to Chicago again! Come visit me and give me an excuse ;)

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