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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Snow Day

When I arrived back in Indiana, it was on the heels of a nice warm spell... we're talking like 70 degrees! And I missed it! During one of my wake up calls with Nathan last night, I kept hearing what sounded like rain on the roof, but when we woke up it was a full on snow storm.

I don't mind! Snow storms are great for all the cliches like staying inside your house with a book and warm food and lots and lots of netflix of course. However, as a home owner, snow storms are also great for getting you out of the house with a large tool called a "shovel".

That first photo is before I started shoveling, and the second photo is after I finished... Looks like I'll be going out there a few more times before the day is over!

Good thing I have my handy dandy American Eagle coat with a fur hood. Incidentally, the only coat I have that has a hood, which now seems like a huge oversight.

 photo CASEY-SIG_zpsvtleemti.png

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