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Wednesday, February 3, 2016


We spend a weird amount of time taking selfies. But look at his cute new hat!!!
So, I had a baby in September, right? Basically after having a baby, any routine I might have had in my life went out the window. My new life consisted of feeding the baby, playing with the baby, getting the baby to sleep, and watching lots and lots of Netflix. I mentioned yesterday that I decided to gently sleep train Nathan into sleeping in his own bed during naps and night time, and a big reason for this was so that I could regain some semblance of myself.

I know that as a mom, my main job and priority is to keep Nathan alive and happy. In order for me to be able to do that every single day, I need to keep myself alive and happy, and in order to do that, I needed to get Nathan on a basic/flexible schedule sleeping in his own bed. And I have succeeded!!

Ha! I feel like I am jinxing myself just by writing that. I think every mom will agree with me that the second you think you have this parenting thing figured out, the baby changes everything on you... So for that reason, I am going to tell you all my routine! At least I'll have a record of when everything was running smoothly ;)

Without further ado:

7:30am-ish - Nathan wakes up for the day, chatting happily to himself. I go into his room and turn on the light. I sing him a good morning song, and then get him up for a diaper change and we wake up the house by turning on all the lights and opening the windows! This sends him a clear message it is morning and time to be up. After that, I feed him.
8:00-9:00am-ish - I set him in his Mammaroo and I eat my breakfast and read my scriptures out loud to him. We watch a mormon message, and then I get him out of the Mammaroo and play with him until he's tired.
Around 9:00am - Nathan eats and goes down for his first nap of the day. He will sleep anywhere from 45 min to an hour and a half these days. I spend his nap time doing yoga, and getting ready for the day.
About 10:00am - Nathan wakes up and is ready to play again! I change his diaper and we play until he's tired again.
11:30am - Nathan goes down for his second nap. I make myself lunch and eat. Now, I've also decided to use this time for blogging as well, because I really do want to be better at blogging! I used to blog daily, and it was such a fun creative outlet for me. I think it's really important that I keep up my hobbies.
12:30 pm - Nathan is awake. We play until he's tired again. If it's warm, we would go on a walk during this time. It's in the 40's today, so I'm considering it, but it's also windy... so I'm not sure.
2:00pm - Time for afternoon nap! During this time, I do my accounting job for my uncle back in Utah. I was really lucky that this job easily transferred to being able to do online across the country. I realize I'm in a very good position to be able to be home with my baby, and also have a job that helps provide a little for my family.
3:00 pm - Nathan is awake again and ready to party! This is where things get a little fuzzy... Sometimes Nathan will go down for another nap after this one, but sometimes he doesn't want to. I think part of this is because Alex comes home right around when he would be tired and he's always SO excited to see his dad. So, possibly he has another nap around 4:30, possibly  he stays up until 7. It's not ideal, but it happens.
6:30pm - We get Nathan in the bath. Nathan LOVES bath time. After bath, we have naked time, where I let him play on a blanket while I lotion him up. We practice rolling over, I give him his Vitamin D, put his diaper on, and then eventually his jammies, when rolling over gets too tiring for him. We turn down the lights so there is only one lamp on, and he sits on Alex's lap and Alex reads him a couple stories. After that, I feed him, and he's ready for bed!
He wakes up a few times during the night, and we repeat the process the next day!

Like I said, this schedule is VERY flexible. I pretty much march to the beat of Nathan's drum. For instance, Nathan woke up at 7 today, and has already had two naps before 11:30, but that's fine with me. He obviously needed a little extra sleep. The point of this I guess, was to show that I've realized how to use my time more wisely when he is down for a nap! I'll have time for exercise, blogging, and work as long as I'm a master of myself and I use my time wisely.

Anyway... I think the reason I care about this so much is because my life used to be a lot more structured, so I'm happy I've found a way to feel productive and good about each and every day. If you read all this, I salute you.
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