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Monday, February 29, 2016

Quest for a Couch

So, we live in a tiny house, right? It's not a tiny house like the tiny houses on HGTV, but it's pushing it. I actually love it.

My sister and her husband are coming to visit us in a couple weeks, and I realized we just didn't have a place to put them! I figure if you live in a tiny house, almost all your furniture needs to serve dual purposes (especially storage!!!) in order to keep things from feeling cluttered. So, I talked to Alex and we decided to get a sofa bed. We searched all over the internet for one that would fit our student budget and also had the look that we wanted, and let me tell you, it was hard! In a moment of frustration I googled "Best Sofa Beds" and a couch I had my eye on at IKEA was on a Top 10 Sofa Beds list! This was cool, because the rest of the 10 were double or even triple the price of the IKEA couch. So I was like, ok, we're doing this.

When I went to Utah for Olivia's birthday, my mom and I went to IKEA to see if the couch was even comfortable, and when we saw it in person I fell even more in love. (I should be getting paid for this blog post, right?)

This is all to say, Alex and I decided to make a trip to the IKEA in our neck of the woods. And by our neck of the woods I mean the suburbs of Chicago 2 hours away... The biggest trial of the whole thing was if our jeep was big enough to carry the boxes. Spoiler: It wasn't. So we decided to rent a truck. Actually, we ended up renting a cargo van. This made me sad because Alex would have to go by himself and I want to hang out with him on weekends!

Long story short, the rental place said they actually needed 48 hours to get the cargo van up from Indianapolis, Alex complained, they gave us a truck for half off. So all three of us loaded into the Dodge Ram and drove to the suburbs of Chicago to pick up our couch from IKEA! And a high chair for Nathan! It ended up being a really fun drive, and Nathan slept for most of it which just proved yet again that I lucked out in the baby department.
Alex said "Do you want to take a picture?" and I HAD wanted to take a picture, but I had forgotten, so that is real proof that I married the right man for me.
Little Nathan loving life in the back seat. He's obsessed with mirrors lately, lucky for us!
The best way to save your marriage from the stress of putting something together from IKEA is to sit quietly on the floor and WAIT until your husband asks for your help. This couch was built with the friendliest of feelings :)
He's in love with his high chair, and with observing all things. So this really works out nicely.

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