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Friday, February 19, 2016

On a Walk

Two days ago, I took Nathan on a walk around the neighborhood. Nathan takes walks very seriously, as one should, so I am constantly walking around to the front of the stroller to see if he's fallen asleep or if he is just contemplating the scenery. It's usually the latter.
This walk took such a long time, he actually did fall asleep! It was such a nice day outside, I figured I would just sit out on the porch with him until he woke up. 
And when I'm sitting by myself, I have lots of time to ponder. And you know, take selfies.

And also remember things that happened on the walk.

Like when I passed a man who said, "Morning!" so I said it back, and he showed no reaction, which is when I realized he had actually said, "Marley!" which appeared to be the name of his dog.

*face palm*

Have a good weekend!

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