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Friday, February 12, 2016

On Making Dinner

Hi, my name is Madeline, and I have a hard time making dinner.
Meal planning? Sure, I can do that.
Grocery shopping? Done and done.
But the part where I put all the ingredients together seems to happen ummm... maybe 3 times out of 10.
What do I do with all the food I bought for my meal plans? Oh, these meals still happen. But it's like this, ok? Alex comes home from school and I am feeding the baby or something so I give him the instructions and he makes the dinner.
Ahhhhh.... "housewife fail" right?
*rolling my eyes*
I never promised I would be a perfect housewife, and he doesn't expect that, thankfully.
Anyway, I said I would make dinner for the sister missionaries in our ward one night this month, and it happened to be last night! I had like, four different meals I could definitely make with the ingredients I had bought during my meal planning. But suddenly Alex was going on a trip out of town, and I don't have a ton of confidence in my cooking skills, and I don't know...
I mean, I got out the meat to thaw and everything, and I had tentative plans for a salad but...
I chickened out and ordered pizza.

I did slice an apple!
hashtag no regrets.
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