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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Nap Time

As I write this it's nap time. Nearing the end of nap time, actually. At least I think it is? Because normally he would be awake by now... Don't worry, I can hear him breathing.

It's so cute and peaceful, his little breaths behind his bedroom door.

I started sleep training him about a week and a half ago. It felt pretty soon, since he's only fourth months, but it had got to the point where he only wanted to sleep on top of me every. single. time. And while I love baby cuddles more than almost anything in the world, I was getting anxiety from falling behind in other areas of my life. (Those of you who will suggest baby wearing at this moment, rest assured, I have tried it.)

So I jumped into sleep training, after reading Sleep Sense. It was ROUGH. In Sleep Sense it's like, "Oh don't worry if you think your baby will cry forever, on average babies will only last up to 45 minutes." Um yeah. Nathan cried for three hours the first night. Don't be disturbed, I was checking on him frequently and patting his back and all that. I think it was just a shock from being held all the time.

ANYWAY. After that mess I was really apprehensive about continuing, but I figured I had to. Because if I didn't, then those three hours of pure torture would have been for nothing. Annnddd just like they say, it got better every day.

Now when Nathan is sleepy I lay him down in his crib, and in a few minutes he puts himself to sleep. It's heavenly! I have so much more time during the day to finish other things and not feel like I'm neglecting him when he's awake. I do yoga in the mornings now, I have time to clean up, and I have time to get some work done for my job.

But you know, every now and then, I miss those frequent snuggles. Which is why, when he got a cold this weekend and was devastated to be set down in his crib, I let him sleep on top of me again for a nap.

Every now and then he finds his thumb and I think it's adorable.
It was so super sweet and he looked like an angel. After he had been asleep on top of me for four hours though, I remembered why I sleep trained in the first place ;)

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