CaseyLand: A Walkin' and a Rollin'

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Walkin' and a Rollin'

As I sit in my tiny house today, looking out the window and typing away (soooo picturesque!) I'm watching snow flurry. It looks very cold and windy and not inviting whatsoever. Last week, however, it was quite sunny and in the 40s, which felt like paradise. I'm no stranger to fickle weather, I came from Utah. So I know when the weather is nice, you better enjoy it! It will change within the next couple days... or hours.

Which is why last week I decided to bundle up the baby and head out on a walk. For some reason, walking by myself in this new strange place always slightly freaks me out. But even then, I'm not sure I can really blame it on the place - I've always been a little timid. But also, this is a new place and I don't even know my neighbors. Like, at all. I do sometimes watch them come and go through the window. I'm the creepy neighbor, yes.

Another reason I decided to bundle up the baby was because I got him THE cutest little bundley outfit... I don't know what to call it. Is it a snow suit? I don't know. Anyway, it's super warm and adorable, and we haven't had much chance to use it! Odds are good he won't fit into it next year, but it's still a little big for him now... anyway, it needs to be used. And documented. As all good outfits should be ;)

Nathan is a funny kid, because Alex and I will get so excited about doing things with him, and he just has the most serious face on the whole time. I would walk around the stroller to look at his face and see if he was enjoying himself, and he was stone faced the whole time!  I'm thinking maybe next time I should turn the seat around so he can see me instead and I can make funny faces at him. I mean, I'm already talking and singing to myself, might as well add to the crazy mom act.

Anyway, I had fun getting out in the neighborhood, and I have two pictures to prove it.

Before the walk started. I was making the craziest faces and noises to get that smile, so everyone please appreciate this perfect picture.

I befriended a cat, because I love cats. And I feel it's important to mention that I loved cats before they got trendy. Much hipster, I know. But it's true! I had the most amazing cat named Bartholomew growing up... I could go on and on.

So, I uh, hope you enjoyed this story and you have a super great day.
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