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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A surprise for Olivia

So about a month or so ago, I was talking to my parents on the phone about how we wouldn't see each other until our family vacation in June, and we decided that was much too long! My sister Olivia's birthday is today, and she had mentioned to us that she really wished she could see Nathan. We hatched a plan - and by that I mean we got online and booked some tickets - and told Olivia it was too bad, and maybe she could see us next year.

On the 13th, Nathan and I waved good-bye to Alex (school is too demanding for him to take spontaneous vacations :'( ) and boarded our plane! Everyone always asks me how traveling with Nathan is, and how he does on the plane, so I will just stop right here to tell you he is always perfect and people often comment that they didn't know they were even sitting near a baby. I have no tips or tricks to hand out when it comes to this, it is simply his temperament.

We landed in Salt Lake at 9:45pm, very tired, but excited to surprise Liv! My parents picked us up. My mom was laughing because apparently the night before, Olivia had been lamenting to them how she has NEVER had a surprise on her birthday, and she feels like she NEVER will because blah blah blah. That just made me more excited! When we got to the house my mom went in and told Olivia to come see something, so she came over and Nathan and I walked in and she immediately burst into tears! It was such a fun moment. It was funny too because her reaction startled Nathan and he started crying as well... and by funny I mean, well, it was funny. Don't worry though, I gave him some hugs and kisses and he cheered right up.

Anyway, we've really enjoyed hanging out with the family. It's so fun to have other people to share Nathan with! I feel like Olivia's birthday surprise was also a gift to me! I really love that little sister of mine. I will show up to surprise her as often as I can! Happy Birthday, Liv :)

Here are some cute pictures of Nathan from our President's Day adventure on Monday.

sleeping in the target parking lot, waiting for his grandma to buy a little stroller :)

Watching Olivia try on clothes at Nordstrom!
Feeling the burn after shopping for hours and hours...
He was definitely ready to go to bed, but when we put him in the cart, he decided he could hold on for a little longer!
 Tonight we're going up to Logan to celebrate with dinner, and I'm really excited! If you want to follow along and see even MORE cute pictures of Nathan, follow us on Snapchat @ madcasey!

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