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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Year in Review

So, I've literally been working on this blog post for the past two weeks. #momlife

I'm back from the loveliest Christmas Vacation in Utah, and I have several blog posts up my sleeve... aka in my head, but you know what I mean. Especially since, good news! I got a camera!! A real life beautiful camera that takes non-grainy pictures. And guess what? I'm just jumping right in to learning how to manually use it. I haven't taken ONE picture automatically. So I'm feeling good about it. Alex the Great knows a bit about cameras and he's been very helpful :)

However, my parents are shipping my Christmas gifts to me, so I don't have that memory card right now. So let's do a year in review!

January -

On January 5th I found out I was pregnant and went back to teaching fourth grade after the holidays! I waited until after school to tell Alex about the baby, which meant all day long I was basically FREAKING OUT.
I spent the rest of the month slightly morning sick, and panicking every now and then.
Alex continued to do amazing in school, and we waited to hear back from grad schools.

February -

I don't remember much about this month except the complete and total exhaustion. I may not have had much sickness during my pregnancy but the exhaustion almost did me in. I couldn't stand up for more than 30 seconds without feeling faint! It made teaching quite interesting...
We saw the first ultrasound of our sweet baby!
We heard that Alex got in to the Imperial College of London, and entertained the thought of living abroad for a quick minute. (The price of rent there and no scholarship turned us off...)
Told our parents that we were expecting which resulted in them saying, "Well you can't move now!!"...

March -
Saw Mamma Mia! with my mom and sister.
Found out Alex was accepted to Purdue! And then we spent a little while with me crying about moving to Indiana right before having a baby... but both of us knew without a doubt it was the right decision for our family.
Finally entered into the second trimester and poof! Exhaustion was gone. Which was great, considering the teaching thing, and the staying for after school club thing...
Ignored St. Patrick's Day as usual.
I joined Mary Kay on a whim, and had a lot of fun stepping out of my comfort zone!

April -

Alex threw me the most amazing surprise birthday party ever! Complete with a video from all my friends and family talking about me... which sounds conceited typing that out, but it was the most thoughtful gift I've ever recieved.
Found out we were having a baby boy!!! We immediately rushed to the mall and bought a bowtie and some shoes he won't be able to wear for years. They're cute though ;)
Announced we were moving to Indiana.
Told my class I was expecting a baby, and they jumped up and gave me a classroom group hug which was really sweet.

May -

Alex graduated from Utah State in the top 10% of his Mechanical Engineering degree. So yeah, I was really proud.
I geared up for the end of school which Alex commuted down to Hill Air Force base for work.
The end of school came and was extremely bittersweet, since I knew I was moving, and wasn't planning on teaching again for a while. I will always cherish my memories at that elementary school!

June -

Moved home to my parents with Alex to save up before the big move.
Tried desperately to get rid of our townhome in Logan... decided we never wanted to have a landlord again...
But still looked for apartments in Indiana anyway.
Got rear ended while on the way to a Mary Kay meeting. The guy told me he "didn't want to play the blame game" while I just smiled, because um... he rear ended me.
Went to the doctor after the accident because my neck was sore, and he prescribed me 1-2 massages a week for a month. This may have been the highlight of the summer ;)

July -

Went on Vacation over the fourth with my family to Seaside, Oregon. This trip was so relaxing and wonderful! Despite my random sunburn that I STILL have tan lines from.
Alex and I decided to look into buying a home, because rent is so darn expensive and the homes are cheap in Indiana.
We picked out a house, sight unseen, and went for it. Riskiest move ever...
Packed up all our stuff, and sent Alex off to Indiana in the moving truck with his Dad to start a new life!

August -

Stressed out of my mind about our house that wasn't that great when Alex first got there.
Continued working full time at my uncle's business reconciling his bank accounts.
One of my best friends Stacia got married, and my mom and I drove to Manti together for the occasion while listening to The Martian. The Martian is a very technical book with some heavy swearing, but we persisted and it was pretty entertaining!
My sister Olivia came home from her mission!! We then went on a quick girls trip to Park City before I headed off to Indiana to meet Alex.
I got on a plane by myself - 37 weeks pregnant - and flew to Indiana to meet up with Alex.
Saw the house for the first time and realized it wasn't as terrible as he thought.
Spent the rest of the month washing and folding baby clothes and wondering how I got myself into this situation :)

September -

Finally the waiting game was over and our sweet Nathan was born on the 13th! It was an amazing experience that I would be happy to repeat.
My mom came out and showed me the perfect way to snuggle a baby. I cried when she left.
Alex and I learned how to take care of a tiny helpless baby, dealt with sleep deprivation, and fell in love with him every day all over again.

October -

Alex's mom flew out and stayed with us for a week, and I picked up some other great mothering tips from her.
Olivia came right after and stayed for a few days, loving on her nephew and watching lots of Netflix with me :)
I took my one month old baby and flew off to Utah to be there for my sister Abi's wedding. He did amazing, and I have no regrets!
Nathan had his first Halloween and dressed up as Yoga for like... 10 minutes.

November -

Nathan and I went on lots of walks in the unseasonably warm weather!
We decided to do our own Thanksgiving in our little house, and spent all day long cooking. Then it took us about 15 minutes to eat it. But it was goooooood, and we had leftovers for days :)
We looked forward to Alex being done with his first semester so we could go home to visit our family!!

December -

Alex finished finals, and naturally (with lots of hard work) did awesome in both classes.
We set up our first Christmas tree and decorated our little house. Nathan and I danced to Michael Buble's Christmas album a few times :)
We hopped on a plane to Utah on the 20th! Nathan did awesome, but got pretty restless in our layover in Vegas. I think it was because he could sense all the BYU fans around him ;) (We happened to be there the night of the BYU v Utah game!)
We had the most wonderful Christmas and two week vacation with our families. They mean so much to us, and it was so hard to leave!

This past year changed my life in a million different ways. I sometimes didn't even recognize myself, or had no idea what I was doing. I cried and cried about moving to Indiana in the beginning, but I reminded myself that it's never good to get too comfortable. Change is good and hard, and you always come out stronger and better on the other side, so might as well embrace it!

2016 is shaping up to be a year like no other, and I'm excited to see where it takes me and my family!

One thing's for sure, you will definitely see way more pictures of my baby. He's only going to get cuter, guys. ;)

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