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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Scenes from Christmas

I mentioned in my last post that I got a real camera for Christmas, and we spent a lot of the break learning how to use it! Alex took a class called optics and learned all about how cameras work, so we are trying to learn how to use it manually instead of automatically. That means that these pictures aren't like, professional quality or whatever, but I feel like we got some cute ones, and I'm excited to continue learning!

These are just pictures of family around the house, some taken by Alex, some taken by me. We obviously need to work on focusing on the subject and such, but we're learning! I miss them! Spending Christmas in Utah was so much fun. I'm gradually learning to call Indiana home in some ways, but I definitely still feel like I belong with the mountains. We'll see if that changes over the years! (It won't) (Just kidding)(I don't know)

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