CaseyLand: Four Months!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Four Months!

Nathan turned four months on the 13th! He just keeps on keeping on with the sweetest personality ever. He's rolled over a few times which really surprised him, so I think maybe it was an accident... but that's ok. We practice every day! He loves pretty much everything except learning how to go to sleep on his own, and when his mom leaves the room for too long. He has the cutest open mouthed scrunchy eyed smile, but he almost never uses it when the camera is around. When he gets excited, his legs and arms start going crazy, and he's started this new thing we'll call the "happy scream". This scream is quite loud, and has given me a headache before, but I love him, so I don't mind that much. He's wearing anywhere 3-6 month clothing, and getting chubbier every day! We've finally got a few giggles out of him, but we're still waiting on the belly laugh. Being this kid's mom is pretty great, and I highly recommend getting a baby of your own someday ;)
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