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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Our First Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving was a fun one! Alex and I were on our own in Indiana, so we decided to go all out. Just for the two of us! (I would say three, but Nathan doesn't eat Thanksgiving dinner yet. In case you were wondering if he had advanced that much in the past two and a half months.)

This ended up meaning that I woke up early to make a pie. A mixed berry pie! I asked Alex what pie he would choose if he could only choose one pie, and he chose mixed berry. I personally thought this was a really weird choice since mixed berry is always like my last choice... but I decided to be a good wife and make it for him. It was surprisingly easy to make! This is what it looked like before being baked:

After that, it was time to feed the baby and whatnot, so Alex took over and got started prepping the turkey. Basically Alex did the whole meal actually. I had a lot of baby duties to take care of. But I helped him whenever the baby was sleeping! So you know, I mixed some stuff for the stuffing, and chopped up some garlic. Heaven help me, chopping up stuff is like my least favorite thing to do in the cooking world.. and garlic is the worst thing of all to be chopped! All those little cloves... I digress.

Anyway, Alex did a fabulous job. Everything was delicious. And you know, as usual, it took all day to cook and roughly 12 minutes to eat. So it goes.

But the food isn't really the point of Thanksgiving, is it? I have so much to be thankful for. This past year my life has changed a lot. Like, everything in my life has changed. It's been quite the whirlwind, but I find that I have even more to be thankful for than before! I'm so thankful for my good husband and sweet baby who help me feel like I have family in Indiana. I'm thankful for my family in Utah, and I miss them every day! I'm thankful for technology so we can group message all day long about random things, and FaceTime on Sunday's when everyone wants to talk to the baby. I'm thankful for our cute tiny house, and the friends we've made here. For having everything we need and the means to buy things like food and gas. I'm thankful for our jeep that keeps on keeping on. I'm thankful for good music! I'm thankful for Christmas trees. I'm thankful for all the new adventures I get to have!

Thank you! And you! And you! 

Just you know, thanks a lot, for everything.
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