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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Home for the Holidays

Hi, hey, hello!

Just popping in to say can we believe it's almost Christmas?? Also to show off my Made By Target tree.

Originally we were on the fence about getting a Christmas tree. In the past, we've been up in Logan, and able to come home to our parents houses any time we wanted, which meant we didn't really need a tree because we weren't around to enjoy it much anyway! So this year, I suddenly realized that was not the case, and we should definitely have our own Christmas tree.

I was out shopping at Target, as all SAHM's do, so I perused the Christmas section and let me tell you it was torture. I wanted basically everything. I restrained myself, thankfully. Alex and I are pretty much the definition of poor grad students right now, so I found a quaint 6 foot tree on sale, and decided to tell Alex about it. Yeah, it wasn't anything special, but it wasn't expensive, so that would be perfect! We could get a tall fancy tree in our dream house.

I told Alex about it later that night and he said we could go look at it. When we went to look at it, Alex immediately told me it was too short, and pointed at the 9 foot tree. This resulted in a debate about how tall our ceilings are. I said 8 ft, he said taller. Needless to say, we did not buy a tree that night.

Another day, we measured the ceilings and found that they were indeed 8 ft tall. So we decided we could get a 7 1/2 ft tree... I promise this story is going somewhere, I just realized how boring this all is...

Anyway, we were at Sam's Club and Alex went straight for the 9 foot tree again and when I reminded him of our 8ft ceilings he was sure that I was wrong! When he was the one that had measured them! Needless to say, we did not buy a Christmas tree that night.

ANYWAY, eventually we went back to Target where Alex was again sure that 7 1/2 feet was not tall enough and when I brought up the ceiling height again he insisted that we could get a 9ft tree and just not put the top on which is when I put my foot down!!! Darn it all, Alex! We would be getting the 7 1/2 ft tree and decorations and there would be no more talking about it!

So that's what we did.

I thought we would take a family picture by the Christmas tree but my selfie stick was not charged and so it goes... I asked for a camera with a tripod for Christmas, so you know, new years resolutions and all that.

Happy Christmas!

p.s. I changed the comments to Disqus, which is really great because it's SOOOO easy for me to comment back to you, but I guess you can only see them if you are on the actual post. So if you want to leave a comment and can't see where, click the title of the post!
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