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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Story for your Wednesday

a cute picture of Nathan drowning in a very cute yellow puffy vest.
I'm going to tell you all a story.

This story happened last week, and I'm just now getting to write about it because I am keeping a baby alive every day.

Last week on Friday I felt like being very productive! The baby and I got up, got ready for the day, had a quick nap (him), ate (both of us), and headed out on the town. Nathan's eye has been a little goopy because he has a clogged tear duct. Sad, huh? Apparently this is quite common for babies. It happened to him when he was a couple weeks old, but we just kept it clean and it went away after a few days. This one had been going on for a week so I called the pediatrician and they said to come in. So, we went to the pediatrician, and we got there early! I remembered that I had a prescription waiting for me at their pharmacy so I walked over and asked if they still had it because... it was prescribed about a month and a half ago. Ugh, whatever. They were nice about it, but I had to wait.

So we sat there on the chairs waiting and I talked to some older people who were also waiting. One lady dropped her glove as she was walking way, so I picked up Nathan in the carseat, grabbed the glove and hobbled lopsided after her... Anyway, I was feeling pretty good. We got the prescription just in time for Nathan's appointment. So, we headed upstairs!

The doctor's office wanted to know if we had Nathan's new insurance card! We had to get a new one because the doctor's office didn't take the other one. Luckily, the new one had come in the mail the day before. I handed it over triumphantly. It was also not the right one. I was surprised because no one had told me there were different versions of the one the doctor's office takes. They nodded sympathetically and told me better luck next time. We proceeded to the appointment.

The doctor was very nice and told me it was indeed, just a clogged tear duct. He also tried to tell me that at 2 1/2 months babies are very cute but kind of boring because they just stare around and won't make eye contact and just randomly smile here or there and don't worry, it will get better! I didn't want to contradict him, but to be honest, Nathan is anything but boring. He does make eye contact, smiles a ton, and babbles a whole bunch. I just nodded and smiled and then left.

I was still feeling pretty good at this point so I decided to go to the post office, and get some stamps so I could finish mailing my birth announcements... yeah. My baby was born in September and some people just barely got a birth announcement. Sorry!

We drove up to the post office, and I got out of the Jeep to get the baby and head on in. It's always kind of a juggling act, getting out of the car with the baby and also holding my purse and diaper bag or just one of those things. It takes a weird amount of brain power to decide how I want to do it. I need everything to be easy access, because carrying the car seat is really awkward and cumbersome. The baby was sound asleep, so I didn't want to take him out of the seat, you know? But I can't leave him in the car. Come on guys, that's Parenting 101. So, I took my keys out of the ignition, grabbed my phone and shut the drivers seat door. Then I opened the other door to get the baby out. I put the keys into the diaper bag side pocket so I could easily grab them when I came back to put the baby back in the car, and I put my phone in the front pocket of the diaper bag so I could have my hands free. I got my debit card out of my wallet and put it in the pocket of my jeans so I wouldn't have to rummage through it when I got into the building and it was my turn to pay. Then I grabbed the baby. At the last second, I decided I didn't need my diaper bag. Why would I? We were just going inside to buy stamps. It wasn't going to take a long time! I had my money in my pocket and the carseat, that would be enough. I shut the door, opened the drivers seat door to press the lock button, and shut that door as well. Then I walked into the post office.

It was only while I was waiting in line that I realized my keys and phone were in the diaper bag, the diaper bag was in the Jeep, and the Jeep was locked.

I was now stranded at the post office with a baby and my debit card.

I tried to play it cool. No big deal. Maybe one of the doors was still open somehow? I would still buy my stamps and then go out and check.

I was waiting in this one long line that was very long and annoying, so then I noticed that I could use a self-serve kiosk to get stamps. That had no line, so I took that opportunity. While I was waiting for my stamps to finish printing, and nice older lady behind me in line asked if it seemed like the kiosk had Holiday stamps? I showed her mine (Snoopy checking the mail box) and she seemed unimpressed. She said she would go wait in line to see other options. I walked out to the Jeep with my baby to see if any of the doors were unlocked. At this point, some old man walked up behind me, quite quickly and gruffly asked if I needed any help. I started to say no, and then said "I think I locked my keys in my car." To which he looked horrified and said he needed to go to work but "good luck with that."

That was ok. I don't generally trust gruff old men when I'm on my own. It's a girl thing.

I checked all the doors and the truth was accepted. I was locked out with no way to communicate with anyone. I prayed that I would find a nice person with a cell phone to help me out. As luck would have it, while walking back into the post office, I bumped into that nice older lady. I asked her if she found some holiday stamps and she had! Then I asked her if she had a cell phone because I was locked out of my car. She did and was very happy to help!

And that's the story of how I thought I was being productive and ended up stranded at the post office for 45 minutes while I waited for Alex to borrow a car and come save me. Thank goodness Nathan stayed asleep for the whole ordeal.

Afterward I could have gone home and called it a day, but did I?

No, I went to Target.

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